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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.03.11] Italy movie trailer news horror

Now that the shock of what I’m about to share just wore off, I can rightfully put together a few words on the final international trailer for Matteo Macaluso’s At Dusk (Al Crepuscolo). You may remember the first trailer we posted for the film a few months back and though it showed promise, this new trailer is much, much better.

The inclusion of music from the film’s score (created by Piernicola Di Muro) along with colour correction, new graphics and a few visual effects have gone a long way to polish up the looks of this trailer and if the first one was good, this one is simply fantastic. At this point, we also have a synopsis:

A prisoner in a small dark and dusty room, a man awaits his fate and clings to his memories, that last glimmer of light that still keeps him alive. And while life is consumed by the dark, outside those walls, in an even darker prison, there are those who move between furtive glances of the people, relentlessly looking for signs and traces left behind, searching for revenge. Now there is little time to wait. The light is falling. Someone will die tonight.

The translation leaves quite a bit to be desired but you get the basic gist of the story. Macaluso tells me the short film is complete and currently being entered into festivals with hopes that it will see life in the future as either a web series or feature film. At this point, I’d like to see the short before supporting either of those ideas but if the trailer is any indication, he might well be headed in the right direction.

Trailer after the break.

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