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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.15.11] post apocalyptic movie short scifi drama dystopic

Snow Globe is the Winner of the 2011 Amandus Festival "Audience Award" and I can see why. With its reliance on mood it turns the apocalypse into a symphony of haunting music and breathtaking images of destruction. This juxtaposition of ugly and innocent, anger and beauty, makes it total short film festival fodder.

There's not much of a story to Christer Steffensen's five and a half minute short film and I don't think there's even a word spoken. Luckily the length is just long enough to get in, enjoy some stunning visuals and a bit of emotional weight (though manipulated through the perceptions of a young girl), and get out.

Here's the official beef:
Snow Globe is about a little girl wandering around the ruins of what once was our world. The only witness to what once was, is and remains the empty bones. Humanity is on the edge of the cliff and the few survivors have become like animals. Compassion is no longer a word, and it's all about ensuring their own survival.

One day the little girl finds a dusty old Snow Globe that reminds her of what once was. She is taken back to the last Christmas she celebrated with her family.

Snow Globe is a pessimistic portrayal of what is beautiful, among those hurt and dark. About how a single good memory among one thousand poor, may be enough to give us the strength to not give up, no matter how dark and hopeless it looks.

Thanks to Filmpoltiet for the heads up.

Watch the entire short film after the break.

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