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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.15.11] post apocalyptic movie trailer scifi south korea

Marina LOVED End of Animal when she saw it VIFF last year. Since her rave review we've been dying to see it, so we're thrilled that our pals at 24fps have managed to find the first trailer for Jo Sung-Hee's independent post-apocalyptic masterpiece.

A strange man hops into a taxi already occupied by Sun-yeong, on her way to her mother’s home to give birth. The man speaks gibberish, pretends to know all about the driver and Sun-yeong, and then promptly begins a countdown. The taxi driver and Sun-yeong are confused, but the man in the baseball cap remains indifferent. When he counts down to zero the taxi suddenly comes to a stop and they fall unconscious.

Sun-yeong, now alone and in a deserted field, heads towards the Taeryeong village, believing it to be the only place where she will be able to get in touch with her mother. But a glance around the strange village tells her that everything electrical has come to a standstill and people seem to disappearing one by one. Will Sun-yeong make it to the rest area to contact her mother? Why is there no power and where have the people gone? More important is the question of who the strange man in the baseball cap really is.

Jo Sung-Hee's's End of Animal trailer after the break.

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