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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.15.11] Canada movie trailer news drama

I’m a sucker for a good drama (family dramas are a bonus) and one of the films I was looking forward to at the Whistler Film Festival last year was French Canadian director Maxime Giroux’s Jo for Jonathan (Jo pour Jonathan) (review), a film about two brothers at odds with each other and their lives.

With its minimalist, naturalistic approach full of loaded silences, heavy looks and a star making performance from Raphaël Lacaille in the lead role, Giroux’s film was a stand out among a spectacular line-up of films and Lacaille took home a best actor award fro his nuanced performance.

With a theatrical release scheduled for March 18th, a trailer for the film has appeared online and it beautifully captures the sombre mood of the film.

I’m hopeful that this will eventually make its way across the country on a slow roll theatrical release but I’m more inclined to think that most will take it in for the first time on DVD. Either way, this is one to look out for. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing much more about Giroux over the next few years.

Trailer, sadly only in French, after the break.

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