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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.20.11] movie news horror action south korea

As always, the team behind Korean's big budget mutants-on-the-rampage feature, Sector 7, are keeping the monsters under pretty tight wraps. So no monsters yet - but thanks to 24FPS, we do have the first stills for Kim Ji-hoon’s 3D sci-fi actioner.

Sector 7 is about the crew of a deep sea oil rig who find themselves fighting off something mutated, angry and and very hungry. Did they awaken the kraken with their greedy drilling? I'm guessing so.

Take a gander at the film's first stills after the break.

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sonaboy (12 years ago) Reply

My money is on Manatees.


John (12 years ago) Reply

In Korea women are running with harpoons on oil rigs.


Deusmaximus (12 years ago) Reply

I Like the last one:
Guy: "I want to talk about that guy in sector 7"
Girl: lalalalalala :-)


Finriz (12 years ago) Reply

@Deusmaximus: LOL, funny.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Sounds similar to 'The Host,' but on an oil rig? Definitely in if that’s the case!

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