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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.17.11] movie news short south korea

Apple must be loving this. Their phone might not have the best camera on the market (that honour goes to Nokia and their N8 which has a built in 12MP camera) but alas, it’s one of the most popular phones on the market. With the launch of the iPhone coming up in South Korea, KT Corp., the phone’s exclusive carrier, brought Korean director Park Chan-wook of Thirst and Vengeance Trilogy fame, onboard to shoot a 30 minute long film using the iPhone.

Very few directors could put excitement into the words "film shot entirely on the iPhone" but Park is definitely one of them. Night Fishing (Paranmanjang) is a fantastical tale about a man who, while out fishing one afternoon/evening, catches the body of a woman dressed in white. While trying to untangle the line he faints and wakes up wearing the clothes that the woman was wearing. This tale of death only gets stranger from there.

The film is scheduled to open in select South Korean theatres at the end of the month as to when everyone else can expect to see it… I’d guess it’ll likely make its way to various film festivals as the year progresses.

Now don’t go thinking that what Park shot looks like the video shot by some random guy on YouTube. For starters, Park is a brilliant director and what’s more, he has some amazing gadgetry working behind the scenes. He might be shooting on an iPhone but I’m pretty positive those lenses aren’t standard issue. Just take a look at the behind the scenes video (sadly, only available in Korean) which gives a peek at the production.

The short teaser and behind the scenes video are after the break.

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