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Christopher Webster [DVD News 01.03.11] news dvd

Robert Rodriguez's neo-grindhouse opus, Machete, slashes its way onto store shelves this week. I never actually got a chance to see this one in theatres as I was in the south of France when it came out, so I'm looking forward to finally catching up with it. People seemed to really dig it.

Another film I'm looking forward to checking out is Last Exorcism produced by Eli Roth. This is one that really divided audiences, but some bloggers I know defend it constantly, often calling it the scariest film in year.

Christian Alvart's Case 39 - which was held back for years - finally hits after a quiet time at theatres. I've seen this one and I can tell you that Alvart does a lot with what is a fairly derivitive idea. Worth a Netflix at any rate.

The work of Allen Ginsberg comes to life in HOWL, a decent indie flick that flew under the radar this year even though it's got a stellar cast head by James Franco as Ginsberg.

Also out is the controversial "documentary" Catfish. Personally I have no interest in seeing this, particularly after reading some pretty scathing opinions that the film is barely veiled exploitation. Anyone care to comment?

Last but not least we have Glass Eye Pix's Bitter Feast, a horror flick about a chef who kidnaps his harshest critic and forces him to cook perfect food under penalty of torture. It's supposed to quite a sumptuously grotesque feast for horror fans ;)

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Brett (11 years ago) Reply

I watched The Last Exorcism the other day. I liked it up until the finale. Totally ruined the movie for me.


Jeff (11 years ago) Reply

What Brett said. But the ride there was fun.


Lenny (11 years ago) Reply

Here comes that divide again then cause I loved the end and thought it failed to deliver most of the movie. In retrospect kinda dig it really tho.

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