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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.26.10] movie trailer news thriller fantasy south korea

Vampires continue to go strong and the newest take on the genre comes to us care of Korea and director Kim Hong-ik.

Hero centres on Sim-dan, a young man who is bullied at school and who, after an accident, is turned into a vampire. After struggling with his change, he re-enters the world of the living and comes to some unwanted attention when, with his newly acquired heightened powers, he saves a blind person who falls into the subway tracks. The public starts calling him a hero but his classmates can’t figure out how this once meek character is suddenly stronger.

I’m sure there’s probably more to the story but my Korean is non-existent, information on the film is rather limited and the teaser trailer which just appeared online provides little of plot and is basically just a few interesting bits of images stitched together. What I do know is that 1) I see blood and 2) I heart my Korean films which almost always bring something new to the table.

Trailer after the break.

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