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quietearth [Celluloid 08.11.10] zombies movie trailer news comedy south korea

Just starting to catch up folks.

Young-cheol loses his job and moves to a quiet town and works at a chicken restaurant. Near broke all he ever gets in the mail are reminders for unpaid bills. His wife tells him to send money, his daughter is embarrassed of her father, but when he thinks of his daughter in a wedding dress, he can't help but smile. A regular guest at his restaurant is a young man who is jobless. He always eats on credit. One day, his mom gets mad at him for not having a job and he bites her on the arm. After this, everyone in town starts to act very strangely. Young-cheol gets bitten and soon discovers the he, like much of the townsfolk have become Zombies. If finding out you're now a fully paid up member of the living dead isn't bad enough news, the loan shark he owes money too kidnaps his wife and daughter and threaten their lives if he doesn't pay up. For hurting his family, he prepares to fight against them. What kind of things will an undead, unkillable, man save his wife and child?

Teaser after the break. via 24FPS

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