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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.11.10] Brazil movie trailer news comedy

First a serial killing tire and now this. What on earth is going on?

The new killing object in question is a blender. André Klotzel’s Reflections of a Blender (Reflexões de um Liquidificador) is the story of woman and her blender. I know, it sounds ludicrous but hear me out for a second. The official synopsis explains that the blender talks to its owner Elvira and the conversation surrounds the fact that Elvira has killed her husband and disposed of him using the blender. It appears that a large part of the film focuses on the relationship between Elvira and her husband as observed by the ever present blender.

I’m willing to bet there’s little in the way of on-screen horror here but the idea of a woman carrying on conversations with her blender amuses me to no end. The fact that she feels threatened by the fact that said blender knows her deepest, darkest secret is an added bonus. Throw in Elvira’s half hearted attempt to make it look as though her husband mysteriously vanished and I’m wiling to bet we’re in for a comedy of errors.

Trailer after the break.

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