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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.08.10] movie news horror thriller south korea

My first experience with Korean director Kim Ji-woon was a late night screening in a stinky, stuffy screening room watching a festival screening of A Tale of Two Sisters. I left in pain, my arms and legs hurt from holding the armrests so darn hard – it was intense. Part of it was the film, part of it was the crowd and part of it was the realization that in my young movie watching life, I’d never seen anything quite like it.

Ji-woon followed up with an unusual though highly entertaining choice (The Good, The Bad and the Weird is pretty spectacular (review)) but when the teaser trailer for I Saw the Devil arrived earlier this year, I was excited. Not only did it look great, it sounded awesome: the story of a psychopath who kills only for pleasure until the fiancé of one of his victims vows to tracks him down, and to do so the chaser must become as monstrous as the man he seeks.

If the teaser was good, the trailer is downright awesome. I’m getting some Oldboy vibes off of this sucker and that’s never a bad thing.

Trailer (via 24fps) after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

kim ji woon is one of the best directors working today. of course u get old boy vibes off this, since min sik choi is playing the antagonist.

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