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quietearth [Celluloid 07.08.10] zombies movie news

Madsen may do a lot of bad films so you can say what you want, but he's still a bad*ss. Now he's signed on to to star in a film directed by Glenn Ciano which sounds a little bit like Shatter Dead, where the zombies consciousness is still intact, but in this one, they are conscious of what their violent acts. Variety reports that "Infected" centers on a father and son who have to fight to survive against a deadly, rapidly spreading blood virus, but we've one upped them and have found a full blown synopsis:

Every year, Andrew Murphy and his father, Terry, are first to arrive at the Hunting Club. With the help of long time friends, they prepare the cabin for the start of deer hunting season. Deep in the woods, cut off from civilization, they spend a long weekend cleaning, rekindling old friendships, and hunting.

Kelly, a local girl who helps the guys clean, arrives heavy with news that her grandmother is ill. When grandma disappears in the woods, it is quickly apparent that she is not sick from any ordinary virus.

Andrew’s mom, Angela, dozens of miles away, hears news of widespread hysteria and violence in rural wooded areas throughout New England. When she cannot contact Andrew and Terry, she jumps in her car to warn her family.

On her way, Angela learns that an epidemic is erupting throughout the country. Passed from deer to human like Lime Disease, this new virus causes fever–induced rage, homicidal violence, animal-like dexterity, and hunger so insatiable it has led to cannibalism.

Before Angela can arrive to warn them, the guys have already killed, and enjoyed their first venison of the season. As the infection turns them one by one, decisions have to be made, and old friends abandoned. You see, all creatures evolve to protect themselves from the predators who hunt them... Even us.

What if, in the real world, zombies weren’t dead? Zombies were instead infected friends and family who were still human; who on some level understood the atrociousness of the unnatural acts they committed but were unable to stop. This is a reality Andrew and his father couldn’t imagine a couple days ago. This is the horror that faces seven unsuspecting friends when the beauty of nature becomes...

I'm hoping it's PA, but it sounds apocalyptic. Regardless, I'm in! More as it comes.

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erik (12 years ago) Reply

Sorry, new to the site: What does PA stand for?


themindfantastic (12 years ago) Reply

When I saw Infected and Violent Acts, I immediately thought of Scott Siglers book of the same name thinking Hey Michael Madsen might be a little Old for Scary Perry Dawsey, but if the director was to do flashbacks of his father (which was a big part of Dawseys motivation to keep from going nuts, and cutting INTO his nuts with chicken scissors to remove the infection). But all that was for naught because its NOT having anything to do with Sigler, and his book Infected. A shame cause that would be pretty awesome.


quietearth (12 years ago) Reply

PA = post apocalyptic

I'm surprised their hasn't been any comparisons to The Road yet.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I agree with "themindfantastic" I too thought this was based on the book Infected but all is not lost as i had heard on one of Sigler's podcasts that there was/is a deal in the works to sell the movie rights.
Would make one hell of a movie!


Johnny (11 years ago) Reply

They are filming this 3 house down from my house

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