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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.07.10] movie trailer news drama

I always feel a little pinprick down my spine when I see films referring to Columbine. It was a tragedy which always brings up a whirlwind of emotions and I don’t doubt that when it’s used, it’s used on purpose to bring up those emotions. I was a little concerned when I spotted the trailer for The COLUMBINE Effect but the trailer suggests something worth sharing so here we are.

The film stars Russian pop singer Teona Dolnikova in a story inspired by the true events surrounding Halloween of 2009 when Alyssa, a fifteen year old murdered her nine year old neighbour to see “what it felt like” because to a twisted teenage mind, that makes sense.

I’m not a huge fan of the first trailer which shows what the film is about but the second trailer is pretty good and suggests that the film is nicely put together. Not sure if this will try to shine some light into the inner workings of the teenage mind or if it’s going to be a condemnation. My major concern at the moment is that the film appears to paint the picture of a stereotypical metal listening, strange make-up wearing teen as the instigator of violence; this makes me cringe a little.

Trailers after the break.

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sunolet (10 years ago) Reply

new fangled kids and their weird mental problems back in my day, a dog possessed by a demon told us who to kill and we were happy to have him damn it!


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

why the Columbine effect thou? i m sure this girl didnt JUST kill her neighbor because she saw a news report on the events. the trailer implies sexual abuse for example. then there's also the theory of desensitisation thats been kicked around in media discourses since like forever.

i think the title is a bit off and seems to be simply chosen because it might generate lots of attention and controversy.

then again i think the production values look decent and its great to see a female take on this kind of film for once.


smartass (10 years ago) Reply

sounds like a 21st century rehash of River's Edge. The music in the second trailer was pretty cool though

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