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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 05.28.10] Hungary movie trailer news drama

What I love most about the trailer for Ágnes Kocsis’ Adrienn Pál is the way that it captures a solemn, quiet beauty. There’s something else too; a morbid bit of humour as a woman bites into a puff pastry while sharing the elevator with a dead body.

Adrienn Pál, Kocsis’ second film and her second tour through Cannes, is the story of Piroska, an overweight nurse who spends her days staring at a wall of heart monitors and changing adult diapers. She’s lonely, married to a man she doesn’t care for and escaping from her days by retreating into childhood memories. When a woman sharing the same name as Piroska’s childhood best friend arrives and quickly dies at the hospital, Piroska sets off on a journey in search of her friend.

The trailer for Kocsis’ film is beautiful and by all accounts out of Cannes, the film is one to watch. The fact that it took home the FIPRESCI prize is a nice bonus.

Trailer after the break.

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Hot Fuzz (11 years ago) Reply

Wow, what a beautiful looking film.

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