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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.27.10] France thriller mystery crime

Hollywood hasn’t been kind to Christophe Gans. After he made a splash with the excellent Brotherhood of the Wolf, he followed it up with the big screen interpretation of Silent Hill, a film that didn’t completely work for me but one that featured more than one or two great visuals and auditory moments which inflicted a bit of terror (particularly the siren). I hadn’t given Gans another thought until today when I saw his name attached to a new project which caught my attention for another reason all together.

Turns out that Vincent Cassel has signed on to appear as the titular Fantômas in Gans’ take on one of the most popular characters of French crime fiction. Now comes the difficult call: will this adaptation stay close to the source material which seems a little more serious or go down the route of André Hunebelle’s 1964 version which sounds far more comedic?

Considering Gans’ previous films and Cassel’s involvement, I’m willing to bet this is going down the darker, serious route though frankly, I’m willing to see Cassel in anything so I’m game for whatever these two have to offer. Add in giant beasts, crime, unexplainable occurrences and a turn-of-the-century detective and you've got greatness in the making. This is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Via Comme Au Cinema.

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Bruce Darren Acosta (11 years ago) Reply

Fantomas, so if Vicent Cassel will star in the Fantomas movie then wthere will be more french actors to start in audiction right now while the project is still in pre production.
Well thats a good start.
Thank You.


wolfeyes (11 years ago) Reply

Cool. I hope the band Fantômas, or at least Mike Patton, does the soundtrack.

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