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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.27.10] Colombia movie news scifi action

Columbian Producer Miguel F. Berg sees big potential in Jhontex 422, a new scifi project written by Luis Andres Gonzalez and Juan Carlos Aparicio. "Remember that Uruguayan short that appeared on You Tube and was bought by Hollywood for over $30 million" he says, reminding us of Panic Attack!, Fede Alvarez's short which caused a stir a few months back and which quickly caught the eye of Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Underground. "Well, this is bigger."

A Spanish science fiction movie like the world has never seen, he says "Jhontex 422 will change the playing field and perspective about our cinema on a global scale." He also tell us the film has amazing franchise potential as well as a video game is in the works.

A colossal war ensues in the City of the Sun during the prosperous age of man between two corporations. With machines realizing their sentient capacity, a new series of combatants enter the battle between good and evil. As civilization itself is threatened by the domination of machine, one general must crusade against the tide of adversaries to rescue his world from facing oblivion.

The original plan was to film a short to raise awareness, but since production company, Frosty Palm Studios, has found a partnership with Oruga Animation Studios in Bogota and BRASH 3D Inc, innovators of emerging Real 3D production and technology, Berg tells us they are stepping up to completing the feature and need only a couple more mill to finish.

Though a promo for the film is completed, Berg won't cough up any footage. He has, however, given us the first look at some awesome concept art so check that out after the break.

More as it comes.

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JackCrow (11 years ago) Reply

Release Date:
April 22, 2012(2013)
Animation, Sci-Fi
Frosty Palm Studios | Cuervo Blanco Animation

Screenplay By:
Luis Andrés Gonzalez
Directed By:
Luis Andrés Gonzalez
Produced By:
Miguel Felipe Berg, Jaime Lopez, Pedro Tosin, Camilo Reyes


teaser site for the prequel short film
..:: Jhontex422 Red Metal Chronicles :: Zaitania del Fiva ::..

with posters, synopsis, story, and background.


"Miguel Berg Hey all... Just wanted to let you know a bit more about the project.... Zaitania is a prequel short that will be used to receive funding for the feature Jhontex422. The roles from the short will transfer to the bigger project. Zaitania is low-budget however we are working to market it in festivals and also exhibition through other forms in South America. If you plan on submitting for a cast position please make sure you have a voice over available in your reels as that will greatly help the production and us make a decision about casting. Thanks!"


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Why Panic Attacked worked is because the director wanted to make a cool little film. Not because a producer thought he could go "bigger" than another film or film maker.

If they want to make a cool robot film, great. Best of luck. But why so passive aggressive? The film they are basically insulting is the film they are emulating?


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I hope they're prepared to be sued by Gainax for nicking the Neon Genesis Evangelion designs. That's flagrant.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

The art looks awesome.

I'm sure they don't mean to offend anyone or be 'Passively Agressive' and if people think that then I believe they are judgmentally ignorant because they are too quick to criticize without understanding the full behind the scenes.

The South American market is full of new ideas and Colombia has always suffered from a stereotypically negative image from Hollywood. If this can help change that then I say give them a chance. As for thinking big... isn't that the point of filmmaking? Plus keep in mind that there are filters in media even blogposts and necessarily what is written may or may not be their own words or can be changed out of context. It is media after all. So give them a chance.

I say go for it! Make it happen!


Frozen Cactus (11 years ago) Reply

To any readers: the 'robot film' will also include elements taken from cultural history (indigenous tribal art etc and ideas specific to Colombia). This is why the film is big - it makes a cultural impact as well as telling a good story - not because the production is out to steal the flame from our Uruguayan brothers. In fact we're really proud of them and healthy competition is good. But in no way do we mean harm. Remember that Colombia usually gets seconds or thirds or fourths when it comes to cinema and it's great that a new place for business and artistic potential is heating up.

So thanks for saying to go for it Anonymous. We appreciate the encouragement.

As for the previous posts with regards to lawsuits...

A few examples of inspiration:

Battle of the Trees = Duel of the Fates, Star Wars Episode 1.

The Imperial March came from inspiration from Beethoven.

So did the Harry Potter theme.

Cloverfield / the Host / Godzilla

Art is always in someway preserved or recycled by other artists. It's called inspiration from that other ideas come in and make something different. Whether you agree or not the film IS in its developing stages and every idea has to start somewhere. But to shoot it down before giving it a chance is itself an insult to filmmakers and artists out there.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

"judgmentally ignorant because they are too quick to criticize without understanding the full behind the scenes."

You, or they, issue some half assed and poorly worded "press release" with a few concept paintings that look lifted right out of Japan, and next to no information except for an insulting statement by a "producer" who by downplaying PANIC ATTACK's success, is basically insulting it and the film maker. The very film that you, or they, hope to emulate. And note how I said maker, not makerS. Meaning ONE GUY. Meaning no producers to shoot their mouths off.
You should be so lucky to make a film half as good, and half as successful. No need to throw mud, no matter how indirectly.
Aside form that - good luck. The designs do look sick and I'd like to see them kicking some ass on the big screen.


Frozen Cactus (11 years ago) Reply

Dear Anonymous,

We thank you for your input regarding the press release and really thank you for being proactive and speaking your mind. We respect that a lot and in the future we will be more careful as to how we word things. Just please know that we meant no harm or offense and we are really pleased and humble to be a part of something that is new to South America.

We really want both Panic Attack! and Jhontex422 to set the stage for an emerging market that we have truly seen extreme potential and active creative talent that is ready to be shared. Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile - there is a ton of talent there and let's be honest South America usually gets seconds or thirds. I've seen it myself as a Colombian... I'm sure Fede Alvarez has in his experience felt the struggle like we are to work with our finger nails and make something happen.

Keep in mind that this is just the start... More things are coming. And we are excited about that potential and see it a huge - that is what we mean by BIGGER. We're just really excited about it.

So that said we really thank you for your input and complements on the artwork. There is a trailer underway that if we had ready when QE approached us about the film we would have let the world know. When it is ready we will let QE know and also our fans.

And more importantly we hope you continue to be involved like you have and encourage others that view the blogosphere here and elsewhere to get involved with supporting such films.

Thanks for speaking your voice. It has been heard.

your friend,
Frozen Cactus

To our fans - the concepts are just the start and we have more surprises coming your way about casting. Frosty Palm Studios LOVES to work with the common people - new talents. Basically everyone counts with us and that is why we love to do what we do. We open the doors and proud to do so.

We hope you join us! After all YOU are the reason we want to make these films a reality!


Frozen Cactus


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Frozen Cactus,

It's cool of you to clarify your position. We all see that you're very passionate about not only your film, but your part of the world. That's very cool, because it's that passion that will make your film stand out from the rest.

I wish you guys all the luck in the world.

Go make a kick ass movie!



Rupert Wainsworth (11 years ago) Reply

Art looks quite intriguing...I do hope this project comes to fruition, and that it shakes the heavily-outdated image of Colombia that we're used to.
On that note...isn't Frosty Palm Studios also behind BITTER COFFEE? I've been looking forward to that film. Sounds like it could be the next great existential sci-fi masterpiece I've been waiting for.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

FANS?????? LOL

This producer seems like a joke. I did 2 minutes of research and it looks like all this guy has produced is complete shit. Not sure why he thinks he'll have millions to do this film when it looks like his previous work cost somewhere in the range of 50-75 bucks. Why does he think the film already has fans?

Typical big-headed producer to knock other people/productions down to lift himself up - and to be delusional enough to believe his own hype.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Why are people knocking on the producer?

Give the guy a chance, he's working with Oruga Animation who had a film screen at over 36 film festivals worldwide and have some major talent.

Was that part of your research? or did you just really look at porn you ignorant ****?

Get educated. And if you can do something better then go for it and DO IT.

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