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quietearth [Celluloid 03.23.10] movie news scifi gallery

UPDATE: Director James McAleer got in touch to let us know there is a NO CGI clause on this film, that it will use REAL insects with scale models, and will have a filthy apocalyptic feel. It is also NOT be going the kiddie route (yay!). Shooting is set to start in July. Thanks James!

While I don't have much info on this project yet, it's being done by James McAleer whose done quite a bit of DP work over the year and now will be doing his first feature. It's listed as "scifi" so I'm hoping this doesn't go the kiddie route and has some crazy insect battles and a fully post apocalyptic feel. To boot, we have 3 pieces of concept art.

Through the course of a day in a city inhabited by insects, we see a violent and symbiotic caste system emerge, as our protagonist tries to make his way to his mate before nightfall, and the invasion of the army ants.

Gallery after the break.

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JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

Stingers 2010 Commissions Announced

The successful applicants for this year's Stingers are:


Spirited / Grandparent- Writer/Director Laura Degnan, Producer RS Productions

Invertebrate - Writer/Director James McAleer, Producer Vita Nova Films

Dystopia -Writer/Director Dave Cave, Producer Kirkwood Media

James Alan McAleer:
" Miniatures Shoot
Concept art:

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