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quietearth [Celluloid 02.17.10] Germany post apocalyptic movie news horror thriller

I can find very little on this project, but I do know that it's in pre-production and will be directed by Tim Fehlbaum. Hopefully my assumption is correct that it is a German production, as I found it on a German website. It also seems to have an alternate title of "Das Ende der Nacht." What's it about? Billed as a thriller and horror, the world is no longer as we know it:

Translated synopsis:
2016. The world as we knew it no longer exists. Four years already inexplicably hot sun beats down upon the ground and divides them into two halves: in uninhabited areas, where water raging storms and parched land where no Pfalnzen can grow.

I'm currently trying to find more. (note: the picture to the right has NOTHING to do with the film, I just thought it looked cool)

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JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

Page 4:
Produktionsförderung - Langfilm
2016 – DAS ENDE DER NACHT - 40.000,-- EUR
Thriller, 100 Min.
DB: Tim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl, Thomas Wöbke
R: Tim Fehlbaum
PZ: Uli Putz, Thomas Wöbke, Jakob Claussen - P: Claussen+Wöbke+Putz
Filmproduktion GmbH, München

Inhalt: Die Welt ist aus den Fugen. Auf einen heißen Sommer folgt ein heißer
Herbst und ein heißer Winter. Nach nur wenigen Monaten herrschen in Mitteleuropa
schlimme Zustände: Menschen greifen wegen Nahrungsmangel zu extremen
Mitteln. Keiner traut dem Anderen. "2016" ist eine düstere Zukunftsversion,
erzählt aus der Perspektive einer jungen Frau, die über sich hinauswachsen muss."

In short 40k budget, 100 min, synopsis:
The world is out of "order". A hot summer is followed by a hot autumn and winter. After only a few months conditions in Central Europe deteriorate; from the lack of food people resort to extreme measures. No one trusts anyone. "2016" is a bleak futuristic vision, told from the perspective of a young woman who needs to grow up fast facing these conditions.

Funded by FFF Byern ( budget of 705.000 e for 9 movie projects):
Paragraph 4:

Cast and crew:


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