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anglebender [Celluloid 12.15.09] trailer news video game

PLATFORMS – PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (Windows in 2010)
DEVELOPER – Playlogic
PUBLISHER – Playlogic
RELEASE – October 27, 2009
MSRP – US$39.99

Most outrage over video games is about the huge amounts of violence they potentially put before youngsters. While the video game industry uses the self-monitoring ESRB to administer at-a-glance knowledge to concerned parents, it is really about the parents guiding their children to a better future for all of us. That being said, have you ever played a video game and thought “Wow, that was incredibly gory what I just did”, and then do it again? Tactical dismemberment has a great selling point in the last few years, but with the computing power of today's gaming consoles you'd expect more: all those body parts flying everywhere can really slow any console to chugging, but if you add fluid dynamics calculations for all the blood, well then you need only make it “fun” at that point.

Animated fairytale characters slipping around in gigantic puddles of blood... That sounds like heaping loads of “fun”, but is it too good to be true? It looks like Little Big Planet with machetes, and while Snow White with a chainsaw sounds like a good time, I'll post a full review after I decently play it sometime shortly after Xmas.

Video Game trailer after the break.

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brett (12 years ago) Reply

I have nothing but bad things with this game. Apparently a good idea gone horribly bad

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