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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.26.09] Croatia trailer news

We know this type of film, the type that delves into family dynamics and relationships and observes men and women and their interactions but I doubt anyone’s seen it done quite this way.

Antonio Nuic's second film titled Donkey ("Kenjac") takes place in August of 1995, the summer that Operation Storm goes into action. It follows Boro, his wife and their son who are returning to the small town where Boro grew up to re-unite with his family, particularly his brother who managed to escape Sarajevo and to possibly solve a decades old dispute with his father; all this in the shadow of war which looms nearby.

It sounds like a simple enough story and I’m sure you're wondering what donkeys have to do with anything. That’s all explained in the trailer, a trailer which also manages to cement the gorgeous look of the film that is suggested by the stills. There's a soft, dusty, aged look to the film which is more reminiscent of the 70s than 1995 but it works and cinematographer Mirko Pivcevic is to be commended for his work. Few have been talking about Donkey, which happens to be Croatia’s entry into the Oscar race, but it looks like one to keep an eye on.

Trailer after the break.

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