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Christopher Webster [Contests 11.23.09] post apocalyptic scifi contest dvd

You may have heard that those cult-worshiping retro slaves over at Shameless Screen Entertainment are bringing Enzo G. Castellari's "Bronx" PA films together for the first time in a special 3-disc boxed set. Well, being the fine bunch that they are, they've given us 1 copy to give away to a lucky reader.

About THE BRONX TRILOGY boxed set:
The three-disc set comes packaged in a limited edition special collector's tin and includes reversible sleeves for each individual title. Additional special features include an introduction to the films by Castellari, plus an all-new 20-minute interview with the director. As an extra bonus for fans, the version of ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX included in the set is a newly restored anamorphic widescreen presentation complete with a Shameless rebuild edit that represents the most complete version of the film available anywhere.

How to Win:
Become a follower of Quiet Earth on twitter and "re-tweet" this post. Easy right? We will contact the winner through their twitter accounts to get contact info so make sure you enable direct messaging for the duration of the contest.

The contest is open to anyone living in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe but remember that This is a Region 2 release which will only play on Region free PAL DVD players in the States and Canada.

The contest ends on December 4, 2009.

For those of you who don't win, but still want a copy of your own, THE BRONX WARRIORS TRILOGY will be released on R2 DVD (£29.99) on 7th December 2009 and you can order it here.

More on each of the titles in the set after the break.

The Bronx Warriors

In the year 1990 the Bronx is officially declared a no man's land. The authorities have given up all attempts to restore law and order leaving the area to be ruled by a gang known as the Riders. Into this wasteland comes Anne, a 17-year-old heiress to an arms business who, unable to contain her guilt over having to inherit the business, has run away. She soon finds herself under the protection of the Riders' leader, Trash. But, determined to get Ann back, executives at the Manhattan Corporation have hired a ruthless, psychopathic mercenary to infiltrate the Bronx and turn the gang members against each other.

Special Features include Remastered anamorphic widescreen presentation; "Warriors, Barbarians and Basterds" – all-new 20-minute interview with Enzo G. Castellari and editor Gianfranco Amicucci; Enzo G. Castellari's introduction of his films; Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui; original film trailers and alternate credits; Collector's Gallery from archive materials.

Escape From The Bronx

Several years after the events of The Bronx Warriors, Trash, the former leader of the Riders gang is now a cynical loner, remaining in the Bronx and trading in stolen ammunition. The General Construction Corporation wishes to tear down the Bronx to turn it into "the city of the future", but to do this they need to clear the current population from the area and have employed a private squad of "Disinfestors" to burn, shoot and gas those that will not leave willingly. While the bums, vagrants and elderly prove to be easy prey, the warrior gangs of the Bronx are not prepared to go quietly.

Spacial features include New, restored, anamorphic widescreen version; Shameless rebuild edit; Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui; alternative film trailers and credits; 20 Shameless trailers.

The New Barbarians

The year is 2019 and a nuclear war has reduced humanity to small groups of starving survivors. Among them is a ruthless gang calling themselves the Templars, who intend to purge the earth by exterminating what is left of the human race. The only hope for the survivors lies with a former Templar, known as Scorpion, and his band of allies who are prepared to fight the Templars in one final showdown.

Special Features include Anamorphic widescreen presentation; director Enzo G. Castellari's introduction of his films; Shameless Fact Track by Paul Alaoui; international trailer; The Argent Trailer Park – Nuns, Cowboys and Heroes.

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