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Everyone knows one. That one guy (or gal – we're not going to be sexist here) that's just…an idiot. Nothing they do makes sense, they’re constantly getting into strange situations that could have been avoided and for the most part, you simply shake your head when they talk because they never say anything that is 1) of importance or 2) of interest.

Meet Joseph Reedman, the ultimate idiot, a man whose day-to-day life is full of idiotic moments that make for a few laughs. The Professional Idiot chronicles some of his adventures (if you can call going for a run an adventure; if you’re Joseph Reedman it is!) and if the clips and website are any indication, we're in for a barrel of laughs. Heck, the official synopsis cracked me up (the wicked 'tash helps):

The Professional Idiot will take you on a magical journey (unicorns excluded) into the life of Joseph Reedman - the ultimate self-assured geek/idiot you can find. You will get to meet his grumpy bastard father, Keith; his nosey and sassy neighbour, Martha; his black sheep spunk rat of a brother, Liam; his ultimate office hottie crush, Sophie; and his endearing and 'special' friends Bernard and Silvia - who stand by his silliness time and time again. Together they are the A-Team of 'Awkward Moments' and will hopefully will tickle your funny bits with joy.

A few humorous clips after the break.

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