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quietearth [Celluloid 10.21.09] Canada movie trailer news thriller drama

Looking mighty fine. I do love me some torturous revenge thrillers.

The screenplay for 7 Days was written by Patrick Senécal, based on his novel Les sept jours du talion. The movie stars Claude Legault, Martin Dubreuil, Fanny Mallette, Rémy Girard, Pascale Delhaes, and Rose-Marie Coallier.

Bruno Hamel (Claude Legault) is a thirty-eight-year-old surgeon. He lives in Drummondville with his wife Sylvie (Fanny Mallette) and their eight-year-old daughter Jasmine (Rose-Marie Coallier). Like many happy people, he leads an uneventful life, until a beautiful fall afternoon when his daughter is raped and murdered. >From then on, the world of the Hamel family collapses. When the murderer is arrested, a terrible project germinates in Bruno's darkened mind. He plans to capture the 'monster' (Martin Dubreuil) and make him pay for his crime. The day the murderer appears in court, Bruno - who had prepared his plan in great detail - kidnaps the monster. He later sends the police a brief message, stating that the rapist and murderer of his daughter is going to be tortured for 7 days and then executed. Once this task is accomplished, he will give himself up.

Trailer after the break. We're working on getting an English subbed version. via our friend The Gomorrahizer

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annielicious14 (12 years ago) Reply

Je dois voir ce film

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