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quietearth [Celluloid 09.22.09] Germany movie trailer news thriller mystery romance

I feel like using the same title style again.. so sue me. Blindlings is a beautifully shot German thriller which premiered at the Munich Film Festival and then seems to have disappeared. While that doesn't exactly spell good things, the trailer is definitely worth a watch.

In poetic images, “Blindspot” tells a tale of broken trust and the false prejudices that arise when love is lost. Max “kidnaps” his ex-girlfriend Eva, to take her to a romantic mountain cottage, where he hopes to finally talk things out. They never get there. After their car breaks down in a snowbound forest, Max leaves to find the cottage on foot.

Unprepared for a trip into the wild, Eva stays in the car. He had vowed to get help, but Max loses his way in the forest. In the clutch of the blistering cold, the border between memory and reality begins to blur. When Boris, an old hermit appears on the scene, they are both unsure if he will bring salvation - or death.

Trailer after the break.

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Pat (13 years ago) Reply

Eva: are you gonna tell me what all this madness is about?
Max: I wanted to surprise you...
Eva: stop the car. max, stop this fuckin car already!
Max: shit.
Max: I wanted to go somewhere...anywhere...
where you couldnt run away from me. where we could talk...
eva: stop it!
max: ...-like you-...
eva: how we gonna get away from this place? (Car broke down)
wait here, if i m not going to find the cabin, i ll be right back. you ve got to trust me.
Eva: where are you?
Max: EVA!
Eva: MAX!
Max: Is anyone there?
Eva: MAX! MAX!
Max: ...I ...lost the forest....
Eva: ...then find me.


might be ok as a short...sounds too simple for feature length. but it looks alrite. well shot+edited etc.


Tom (13 years ago) Reply

Sure, it looks allright, but the cheesyness of the dialogues kind of got lost in the translation (it's the little things, kids). Why does every second german movie sound as if the actors would prefer doing it as a play?

The premise definately does seem to be too slim for a feature movie, but there are a lot of horror-flicks who made their buck with the same lack of plot.


pat (13 years ago) Reply

yea i agree dialogue is cheesy and too many german films are like that today....its bad writing trying to big up the production. thts why i prefer watching more social dramas etc from akin or so which at least wont go over the top like that in terms of language.


Director (12 years ago) Reply

Hey guys,

I've just found your review on this website. I am the director of "blindlings (blindspot)". Well, the movie is going on Film Festivals around the world. For example it is in he official competition at the 22. Galway Film Fleadh in Ireland in July.

"blindspot" has also won two awards in the spring 2010 Los Angeles Cinema Film Festival of Hollywood: "Best Cinematography" and "Narrative Feature/Award of Merit".
At the Los Angeles Movie Awards Festival Blindspot was awarded with one "Award of Excellence" and an award for "Best Original Score".

These are the news;-)

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