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quietearth [Celluloid 08.26.09] Serbia zombies movie news

The Serbian zombie flick Zone of the Dead was talked about long before it was made, roughly 2 years by what I know, and when they finally got around to it, it starred none other than horror genre fave Ken Foree who, in an interview stated they're starting work on Zone of the Dead 2 and it's only in the script stages right now. As ZOTD has gotten basically no fest play outside of Serbia and it was most likely ready in time for fall submissions, I'm wondering if it might be a letdown? (If you think we're off base, feel free to send us a screener and prove us wrong.)

You can check out the synopsis and trailer for ZOTD here.

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Jelena (12 years ago) Reply

They confirmed a couple of times during Nis Film Festival that they are preparing Zone of the Dead 2. The first movie is very important for Serbian cinematography 'cause zombie movies are new to us and it's a big thing that one of the most important horror actors in the world is in it!


Danijel (12 years ago) Reply

I saw the first part in Nis at the festival, and it had fantastic reception by the audience.
like no film before...

This is not a letdown, this is great success, not only for zombie genre, but most of all for Serbian national cinematography...


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Film je dobar, mada ima lose izvedenih stvari. Moze dosta bolje. Nadam se da ce dvojka biti bolja.

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