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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.19.09] USA movie news scifi video action

I'm fuzzy on the rules, but are you allowed to criticize a remake of a remake? Either way, going to the effort of a full on geek rant starts to loose some of its luster the third time around and I'm not sure I have it in me this morning anyway. What I will say is that attaching Michael Davis, the director of arguably one of the silliest movies in recent memory, doesn't sit too well with me. Peter Hyam's Outland (and High Noon for that matter) was a brilliant exercise in slow-burning suspense, not OTT bullet opera. But hey, perhaps Davis will surprise us all with his versatility.

"The story takes place in an orbiting city around the moon, where a cop uncovers a murderous conspiracy endangering the entire city. With a week before his retirement back to Earth, our hero has to choose between walking away with his wife, or taking on a private army with his overachieving ex-partner and wife's former boyfriend."

According to THR, the new Outland incarnation is to be written by Chad St. John and will expand the concept, making it tentpole-sized.

After the break I've included the opening scene of the original 1981 film. It's a scene I've always loved. It's ponderously slow in what I can only assume was influence by Ridley Scott's ALIEN and features fantastic 80s model work and a score from Jerry Goldsmith right at the beginning of his "I refuse to write themes" era.

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badfrog (12 years ago) Reply

I enjoyed the original... it doesn't need a remake... I'm tired of holywood thinking everything needs a reboot or remake these days!

there are few movies that could use a reboot, but not as many as they are doing

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