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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.23.09] movie news cyberpunk short scifi video

Yesterday we brought word of the awesome sounding upcoming scifi project by Avalon director Mamoru Oshii called Assault Girls. Set in a futuristic desert battlefield where Dune-like female warriors fight giant sand worms, the project sounds like an immediate must-see.

Well if you're like us, and can't wait to get a taste of what Oshii's cooking up for us in his cyberpunk kitchen then be sure to watch his first short from the series, Assault Girl: Kentucky no Hinako right here on Quiet Earth! A segment in Oshii's 2007 omnibus movie, "Shin Onna Tachiguishi Retsuden," it's the first of three Assault girl shorts that are the basis for his upcoming feature.

Just image a feature version of this but even more ambitious and visually arresting. It truly melts the mind. Big ups to our boy Avery for the tip off.

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Avery (13 years ago) Reply

The short looks amazing! I can't wait for the feature length, big budget, version to hit! It's gonna rock!


arnold (13 years ago) Reply

am i missing something? they halo jump into a planet that is blasting them with cannon? missiles? and a huge laser beam, but when she lands she fights... a giant eel??? where are the advanced war machines that was firing at them? The planet looks desolate and devoid of civilazation. Confusing but really great visuals. Maybe more videos would explain it to me.


Johnny Quantum (13 years ago) Reply

The whole KFC thing was kinda weird but the visuals were pretty good.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

URGH. He should not waste his time with live action/CG. Looks terribad. Avalon was unwatchable tripe compared to Patlabor 2 or Ghost In The Shell. Stick to 2D. This is really awful stuff.


zoomba (13 years ago) Reply

That was pathetic. You call those great visuals?


agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Artistically speaking, yes I do.


Kresh (13 years ago) Reply


So, it's the Japanese version of Demolition Man. But who won? The mind boggles.

Still, the complete lack of scope on the thing made me shrug. It's interesting, but not THAT interesting.

The lack of fire support was disheartening. Poor drop-ship troopers. Surviving stupid amounts of future-flak only to get your shiny war-mech disabled by a giant eel. Then you're forced to walk around with no supplies and a silly cape.

Personally, the cape ruined the whole thing. NO CAPES! Edna Mode would NOT approve.

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