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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.22.09] Russia movie trailer news action thriller

We haven't reported on Gamers but that's mostly because all the info on the film has been in Russian and honestly it would have been too much effort to sort through all it all. So we waited until a teaser dropped to let the footage speak for itself.

Not to be confused with that Neveldine and Taylor's upcoming cyberpunk actioner, Gamer, Gamers is an entirely new violent genre concoction by Russian director Paul Sanaeva. And baby, it looks intense.

Word from, who dropped the trailer, is that the producers have opted to change the title of the film. I think it's now called "In the Game" or "On the Game," but I can't be sure as the googalizer isn't giving me the best translation right now.

If any of our Russian friends can help out with synopsis and title translation that would be uber sweet.

Teaser after the break.

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AcM (13 years ago) Reply

>>Paul Sanaeva

>>think it's now called "In the Game" or "On >>the Game,"
At the Game

Also, in russian language its consonant (sorry for my english) with movie Trainspotting - russian title of this movie "На игле" (and the new name of Gamers is - "На игре")

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