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quietearth [Celluloid 06.05.09] movie trailer anime news animation 3d

With a budget of $3 Million and a planned release date of 2010, Spirits of Fury is supposed to be the most advanced use of animation technique coming out of Mexico with a planned stereoscopic 3d version. While I can't find all the details on the project, it has to do with the Mexican Revolution. It looks nothing short of stunning.

UPDATE: Got a little bit more info thanks to our friend D'mooN at Opium.

The films protagonist is an antihero named Scorpio who waged a fight to death against their greatest enemy: the mercenary Duhalde Leon, better known as Razor.

Demo teaser after the break!

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Alejandro24 (13 years ago) Reply

The movie is for the century of mexican revolution, the ambient is in 1910's.


rek (13 years ago) Reply


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