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quietearth [Celluloid 06.03.09] movie trailer news drama arthouse

Another example of something I missed that premiered at Locarno last year (along with the excellent Beket). A French Canadian flick directed by Denis Côté, All that she wants is in high contrast black and white and utterly beautiful. Our very own projectcyclops will be at the Edinburgh International Film Fest where it's playing next to bring us a review.. lucky!

In an isolated corner of the country where nothing goes on, an ex-mobster and his rebellious step-daughter Coralie are looking for solutions to their finacial difficulties and existential stagnation. Desperate, troubled by the recent disappearance of the mother/wife, and surrounded by intimidating crooks, the duo tries to address their issues. Coralie is out for vengeance in a cruel and male-dominated world. Elle veut le chaos is a melodrama, populated with raw and dubious characters. A film filled with humour, where nothing seems to be happening on the surface, yet emotions are simmering inside.

Teaser after the break.

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fictis (13 years ago) Reply

Just pointing out, Elle veut le chaos means "She Wants Chaos" in french.

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