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quietearth [Celluloid 06.01.09] movie news drama romance

Directed by Mark de Cloe and clocking in at 100 minutes, this is based on a supposed cult novel taught to secondary school pupils with an incredible premise: You're born and only have one day to live. You age throughout that day and die at the end. The film looks like a straight adaptation and from what I can gather they come into the real world (ours) where they can live and then I'm not sure what happens, but that's good. You can read the story of the book here but beware, spoilers abound!

English synopsis:
In a world in which a human life lasts just one day and where every action is a one-off, a boy and a girl fall so in love that they cannot bear this existence where everything happens only once. In the belief that they can prolong their love they flee to hell.

Translated synopsis:
In a world where people live but a day and where every single act, then Benny (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuysen) and Gini (Dols Lois de Jong) so in love with each other that one day not long enough.

There is a way: if you go to hell is, brings you the world as we know it. A world where you can be unlimited drunk, love may be, can have sex, even with different people.

Benny and Gini consider a plan. They commit a murder, making them both to death and thus both will end up in hell. But export of the award is something wrong, so the two lovers are not simultaneously go to hell.

Desperate, they are looking at each other in this new world full of repetition.

Trailer after the break. If someone could translate we would greatly appreciate it.

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Dutch Guy (12 years ago) Reply

Typical dutch movie: bad acting and lots of nudity to compensate it....

sorry but i dont have time to translate it in short:

all emotions you only have once including love.
a guy wants to feel love again like the first time he met his girl
It seems they kill somebody inorder to get
deathpenalty. (Netherlands dont have deathpenalty so they should have made up a different story or make it with (real) US actors and tape it in the states.


Other Dutch Guy (12 years ago) Reply

You all know that in our life -which lasts one day- all mentionable events and feelings happen only one time.
So pay attention, because everything will be explained only once.
[ What's you're name?
Gini, and you? ]
Life and also love derives it's great intensity from this.
As in all important happenings in our life, also the act of love happens only once and can not be repeated.
[ The feeling I just had with you, I want to feel it again.
Benny what do you want?
To the world of repetition. To the place where we repeatedly can feel what we just felt.
But how do we get there? ]
For reasons of protecting the society the court hereby orders the suspect to death.
[[ Two loved ones ]]
[[ In a different world ]]
[[ Looking for each other ]]
I'm looking for my girlfriend.
Did you think you were the only one?
Maybe she has found someone else?
If he doesn't show up you must fall in love with someone else as fast as possible.
Is she here or is she not here?
It's useless to believe in everlasting love. Also here.
Do you really love me?
I think you are my true love.
We are meant for each other Gini. We will find each other no matter where.
[[ Life in one day ]]
[[ September third in Cinema's ]]

And I agree with the first Dutch Guy ... moderate acting and the rest. Maybe in the one day world they have the death penalty (which seems somewhat useless;-) but in the real world we definitely don't have it here in the NL - AND PROUD OF IT !!


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

I'm so down with this premise and the film looks extremely well made (if a little melodramatic).

It's probably harder for me as an English speaking westerner to gauge whether the acting is good or bad but I'd take this teen love story over Twilight any day.


Emiel (12 years ago) Reply

I'm Dutch and you really can't judge the acting from this trailer. The other Dutch commenters are probably biased due to some actors who have had uninteresting roles in crappy Dutch productions, but who also had good roles in other lesser known films. I'm interested in seeing this. The easiest way to spot a Dutch guy talking out of his ass when it's film-related, is when he makes a dumb remark about nudity in a Dutch film.


Stapletech (12 years ago) Reply

That must really suck to have just one day of life and someone kills you just so they can be together longer...


ijdbn (12 years ago) Reply

watch the movie before you make comments on the acting. this will be a great film


Elena (11 years ago) Reply

I am from the US- I saw the trailer for this movie and it looks really interesting. Where would I be able to find the full version of the movie with English subtitles? I really want to watch this movie. Thanks,

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