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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.08.09] movie trailer news action

So I'm searching the web for little known Dolph Lundgren movies, you know as you do, and I come across this film trailer for Direct Contact a little known 90s movie he was in that... wait what? It's not even out yet? It hits DVD on June 2, 2009? Whoa.

I think that when you watch the new trailer after the break you'll see why I thought it was an ancient classic. Everything from the washed out look, the evil Ruskies, even the way the Nu-Image logo crashes to the forefront of the screen to the sound of grung rock smacks of awesome old skool 90s cheese. Probably why I still like the old guy. He's still "keepin' it real" as the kids say.

An American prisoner in a Russian jail is given a chance at freedom if he can rescue a kidnapped American woman from a deadly military force.

So what's got me looking up Dolph Lundgren of all people. No it's not Universal Soldiers III or even his role in Sly Stone's The Expendables, but a recent film Lundy directed called The Mechanik. It was surprisingly badass. Unfortunately, he didn't direct this one so it may not be as good but it certainly feels like an instant C-action classic. Anyway, check out the trailer after the break and check out the official Direct Contact website for more info.

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quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

Those Russian accents suck!


Nekrosoma (14 years ago) Reply

Hear, hear.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

I seriously want to see Dolph get his due. I can't for the day he lands a choice role in a good movie and he finally attains the level of commercial and critical success he has the potential to achieve. Hands down a better actor than JCVD or Arnold.


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