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quietearth [Celluloid 04.03.09] movie news drama experimental

This is like Charles Bukowski without any class, I love it! Shot entirely on Super 8, this little indie looks to be hella fun, even with the unprofessional actors. Directed by Lovisa Inserra stars Cosmo Inserra whose usually been working behind the scenes. I'd recommend checking this one out, and you can find more clips on the official website which is linked after the brea.

Buster is the story of a guy that anyone in his right mind would run away from, since Buster spends all his spare time provoking strangers into fights, then refusing to defend himself as they pummel him until they grow bored. The only one close to him is his brother Scott, who himself is trying to get his life together. Buster tries in vain to keep Scott next to him in his care free land of non-tax-paying-abusers, knowing he'll loose him sooner or later to Scott's much prettier and determined girlfriend Jesse. Buster can only beat her at f***ing up and does so in a way that's very hard for Scott to ignore.

Trailer thingy after the break. NSFW.

Official website

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Sumo (13 years ago) Reply

what the hell is this?! where can I see it? it looks awesome!

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