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quietearth [Celluloid 03.17.09] movie news horror

The title of this Icelandic horror makes me think of a Greenpeace mission gone awry (to which I would cheer, hah! I can't wait to hear the comments on that one.). Ok, ok, so now that that's out of the way, this looks like a straight up slasher that takes dying on a boat to a whole new level of fun. Check out that trailer ending!

An epic tale about a group of whale watchers, whose ship breaks down and they get picked up by a whale fisher vessel. The Fishbillies on the vessel has just gone bust, and everything goes out of control.

Trailer after the break. via Twitch

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Ben Austwick (13 years ago) Reply

Wow, this looks interesting! And I don't think I've EVER seen an Icelandic movie.

(Insert noises supporting Greenpeace here :)


Chris (13 years ago) Reply

That looks outstanding!!


bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

I couldn't agree more. Let's kill all the whales so they go extinct. That'll show those dirty sissy whale-loving hippies who's boss and send a clear message: WE OWN THIS PLANET. And while we're at it we'll dump some toxic waste in the water too because only a dirty hippie would want to regulate Benevolent Corporations, and when we get tumors, we'll just laugh and be glad we're not dirty hippies who care about dirty hippie crap like clean air, clean water, clean food, healthy children, a functioning ecosystem and continuing sustenance for the human species.

If you really love post-apocalyptic worlds, vote GOP!

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