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Christopher Webster [Contests 01.27.09] post apocalyptic movie news cyberpunk scifi contest biopunk

We had more entries from around the world than ever before for this contest and of course everyone answered all the questions right so it came down to an old fashioned hat draw to decide winners. If you didn't win this time we'll be having more contests in the future so keep an eye open for those. Who knows, you could win next time.

Big thanks to our partners Lionsgate Films and comic book wunderkinds Bloodfire Studios for helping with the prize packs.

So, without further to-do...congrats to "StreetMarine" from Sacramento CA, Thor from Denmark, and Hal from Virginia Beach. All 'yall should be receiving your Gene Generation packs in the mail asap.

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trogen (13 years ago) Reply

congrats winners
more compos please <3


zenseeker (13 years ago) Reply

Gah! Looks like I'll have to keep my copy on pre-order :P

Congratuwelldone to the winners :)


StreetMarine (12 years ago) Reply

Very cool! Congrats to my fellow winners and all who partipated.


StreetMarine (12 years ago) Reply

Oops... I meant 'participated', but if you did partipate, don't let me stop you :)


Hal from Va Beach (12 years ago) Reply

Received my package Saturday. Thanks' again.


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