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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.03.08] post apocalyptic movie news

Ray Stevenson, who starred as Pulo in HBO's Rome and who opens this Friday in the role of The Punisher in The Punisher: War Zone, has been added to the cast of big budget apocalypse flick Book of Eli. Stevenson will play an "enforcer dispatched to kill Eli (Denzel Washington) as he fights his way across the American wasteland, protecting a sacred book that may hold the key to saving humanity."

It was also reported a while ago that Mila Kunis, star of That 70s Show, will be joining the cast but honestly we didn't care enough to report on it at the time. Her inclusion only worked to solidified our fears that The Book of Eli would end up being another Hollywood fluff fest. However it turns out, the film is certainly shaping up to have an eccentric ensemble of players.

UPDATE: Recently ReelzChannel discussed the world of Eli with Stevenson. About what we can expect the atmosphere of Eli to be he he said; "The world in which it is set is completely uncompromising. The most precious commodity is actually water, because virtually all of the water is poison, toxic -- whether it's due to eruptions from the earth or the poisons in the sky. These very basic things are what drives human nature down to almost animalistic qualities. But what still separates us from the animals?"

Hmmmm could Book of Eli wind up being more uncompromising and bleak than expected? We'll have to keep a closer eye on this one....

via Variety

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rek (14 years ago) Reply

Milla Kunis can't act. What are they thinking?


filmlyfe (14 years ago) Reply

What are they thinking? Dollars my friend dollars. You think alot of guys girl friends are gunna wanna see this? Laura (my gf) saw max payne with me only cuz it had mila kunis in it. (turns out max payne blew but thats beside the point)


Pat (14 years ago) Reply

i dont give a damn about the film really,
i just wanna see denzel doin his tough walking thang thru the desert, ya kno?

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