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quietearth [Film Festival 11.06.08] news horror

Sporting some of the sweetest horror of the year, the NYC Horror Film Fest has it's kick off party at the Don Hills Night Club on Wednesday, November 12th at 8pm and runs at the Tribeca Cinemas. There's a host of great shorts, including Eel Girl and Treevenge, and for the main program, films like Bad Biology, Daniel Myrick's The Objective (this is a good one), and How to be a serial killer are playing. You can check the full schedule of shorts and features after the break or at the official website.

Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick St. @ Canal)
Nov. 13th though the 16th

Program 1
Thursday, Nov. 13th 9:00pm
Antibody (Dir. Nathan Bezner / 20 min)
Resident Evil: Degeneration (Dir. by Makoto Kamiya / 96 min)

Program 2
Friday, Nov. 14th 7:30pm
Legend of Ol’Goldie (Dir. by Matthew Snyman / 8 min)
Martians Go Home (Dir. by Dan Moreno / 20 min)
Alien Raiders (Dir. by Ben Rock / 85 min)

Program 3
Friday, Nov. 14th 10:00pm
Circulation (Dir. by Kurtis Spieler / 6 min)
c/o Flap Jackson ( Dir. John Lustig / 6 min)
Boxhead (Dir. By Randell Kaplan / 21 min)
The Objective (Daniel Myrick / 90 mins)

Program 4
Saturday, Nov. 15th 1:00pm
The Sleuth Incident (Dir. by Jason Kupfer / 12 min)
Initiation (Dir. by Stephane Beaudoin / 23 min)
The 7th Hunt (Dir. by Jon Cohen / 90 min)

Program 5
Saturday, Nov. 15th 4:00pm
Builder of Worlds (dir. Oliver Kuhr & Sascha Haas / 30 min)
Eel Girl (Dir. by Paul Campion / 5 min)
From A Place of Darkness (Dir. by Douglas A. Raine / 84 min)

Program 6
Saturday, Nov. 15th 7:00pm
Altar (Dir. by Nathan Bezner / 18 min)
Eat’um Up (Dir. by Paul Carty / 3 min)
Gone Golfing (Dir by Maxi Dejoie /18 min )
First Kill ( Dir. by Micah Ranum)
How To Be A Serial Killer (Dir. by Luke Ricci / 91 min)

Program 7
Saturday, Nov. 15th 10:00pm
Burying the Ex (Dir. by Alan Trezza / 15 min)
The Glitch (Dir. Joe Fordham / 13 min)
Treevenge (Dir. by Jason Eisener / 16 min)
Bad Biology (Dir. Frank Henenlotter / 85 min)

Program 8
Sunday, Nov. 16th 12:00pm
FILMMAKER PANNEL (Brunch in bar)
Michael J. Hein / Moderator
Joseph Mauceri / Maitland McDonagh / Bill Lustig / Michael Gingold

Program 9
Sunday, Nov. 16th 2:00pm
Mombies (Dir. by Sam Turich / 11 min)
Side Effect (Dir. Liz Adams)
Legend of Ol’Goldie (Dir. by Matthew Snyman / 8 mins)
Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula (Dir. by Timothy Friend / 90 min)

Program 10
Sunday, Nov. 16th 4:00pm
Asylum (Dir. by Francesco Erba / 10 mins)
Corrections (Dir. Bob Franklin / 10 mins)
Surveillance (Jennifer Chambers Lynch / 98 min)

Program 11
Sunday, Nov. 16th 6:00pm
Drip (Dir. by Jake York / 12 mins)
Advantage (Dir. Sean Byrne / 11 mins)
Collector (Dir. by Dempsey Tillman / 15 mins)
Timecrimes (dir. by Nacho Vigalondo / 88 mins)

Program 12
Sunday, Nov. 16th 8:30pm
Snip (12 mins)
Hold Your Fire (8 mins)
Fun On Earth (16 mins)
Devils Grove (93 mins)

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