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quietearth [Celluloid 09.29.08] movie news horror

This looks quite promising, and it may be Italian, but it's all done in English. "The FBI Task Force is about to break into an abandoned warehouse where a serial killer known as the 'Spider' is holding out with his victims. Criminal profiler Dr. F. Leemen is with the FBI captain. The doctor has analysed and reconstructed the personality of the Spider. Yet, suddenly, something goes wrong. In the crisis, the entire group of hostages and all the special FBI agents are killed. Feeling unbearably responsible for the failure, Dr. Leeman leaves the Bureau. He goes back to a private clinic where he used to work. There, young people needing psychiatric care are treated. He meets Matthew, a patient suffering from amnesia after a car accident. Though painfully shy and introverted, Matthew becomes friends with another patient, Nick, who is just the opposite of him. Nick boldly takes Matt into the clinic's archives one night to show him some bloodcurdling old files on the Spider that belong to Dr. Leeman. There are cassettes too with horrifying images of his victims. Nightmares begin to torment Matt. Strangely, he has visions about the Spider with facts he could never have known about. He tells Leeman everything, pleading his help. Little by little, as the two men grow closer, the doctor discovers that Matthew has apparently developed a strange power after the accident. He somehow seems to be mentally connected with the Spider and with the killer's murderous 'games'. The doctor follows up the clues in Matthew's dreams and visions. With the help of Nick, and also a ravishing journalist, Dr. Leeman is determined to finally get his revenge on the Spider." Trailer after the break, and thanks to The Gomorrahizer for the heads up.

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