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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.05.08] post apocalyptic review script

Let's get one thing out of the way before we get down to it shall we? I have a confession to make; I haven't read "World War Z" the novel. I know, I know zombie fan blasphemy right? And normally I would agree with you but you see, after finishing what is no doubt the most complex and epic zombie script ever written, I consider this blight against my name to, in fact, be a blessing in disguise. Because I'll tell ya; if a 127 page screenplay could be this dense, I can only imagine how large in scope the novel is, and I would hate to be the guy in charge of naming all the minor changes and variations that must have inevitably been made to make this story somewhat filmable. Seriously folks, I can now see why this film has been sitting on Plan B's shelf for a year and has yet to be fully launched into production. It would require an international cast of thousands and more money thrown at it than any horror movie in history. However, if done right, it could also be the first zombie flick to come out a winner at the Academy Awards. No joke. This is the one we've been waiting for. The film that's gonna change the world's perceptions of what horror can be. But enough of my raving. Move on to find out more about what's in store for us if this gets made. And PS, like with our script review of The Road, we've including a couple of excerpts from the screenplay so proceed with caution as spoilers thar be.

I've spoken with some readers who've complained about Max Brooks' "World War Z"; that it wasn't what they expected or that it was just "OK" and, in a way, I can sort of understand where their feelings are coming from. For one thing, it's nothing like Brooks' hilarious "Zombie Survival Guide," the famous textbook on how to survive a zombie apocalypse that's become like a badge of honor to us zombie nuts. "World War Z" is a piece of fiction that gives life to the "survival guide's" oft mentioned "Zombie Wars" and, as such, follows more of a classic narrative structure. Which would be fine if it were perhaps a classic horror narrative structure - but it's not.

See, in the screenplay anyway, Word War Z takes place after the war is already over and the world is starting to get civilization back on track. It's a Children of Men kind of world but worse because most countries are subsisting on food rations with no electricity or basic economic infrastructure. Worldwide, city streets are virtually empty except for the abandoned cars and fallen airplanes that litter the streets. However, world governments and organizations like the UN are still around.

The gist of the plot if that the citizens of the world need answers. How could this catastrophic event have happened, what went wrong and, most importantly, who's to blame? To find these answers, The UN hires Gerry to travel the world and track the event to its origins. From America he travels to China, Germany, the Middle East and elsewhere, interviewing doctors, government agents, and corporate spies, who all seem to point the finger squarely at the other guy. The script is punctuated by flashbacks which tell the story from each interviewee's perspective.

So really, World War Z is actually a story about sticky international politics and first world greed. It feels much more like JFK or Lions for Lambs than Dawn of the Dead. Except it's smart that way, because it downplays your expectations until every once and a while you're sucked into a flashback that kicks you square in the ribs with the most epic zombie mayhem you could ever imagine. Just read the flashback excerpt below. The scale is staggering. It is a visualization of a recollection from the War told by a German ship's captain named Helf, who since the War has been incarcerated.


Dozens of boats and ships of every size and configuration choke the seaport. Some have been partially beached to pick up passengers, while others have sent out sideboats.

The shoreline, which lay on this side of the high rise or hill, is thick with nearly ten thousand refugees, yelling, crying, out holding aloft passports and money, bargaining for a place, a seat, a chance, a hope.

Chaos and confusion, pushing and shoving, fights breaking out between the desperate and the determined. People wade into the sea, trying to climb onto boats already loaded to capacity only to be beaten back by men with oars, clubs and guns. There is panic, and the stench of madness.

CREW at the shore boats wave flashlights and shout out their different terms as other crew members struggle and pick through the people trying to get aboard:

CREW 1: Give me your money, everything you have, then I'll take you!

CREW 2: Woman only! Here! Women only!

CREW 3: What have you got? I'll take food! Food and money!

Crew member 4, Indian himself, shines a light in the faces of an Indian woman, then shoves her back.

CREW 4: Too dark... light skinned only. No untouchables, no lower castes! Here, you, over here!

In the melee we finally FIND Helf's ship located offshore, as a handful of refugees climbs aboard from a sideboat.

SHIP'S SECOND: That's the last of them.

HELF: You checked them for wounds, then turn around and get more.

SHIP'S SECOND: They're clean

HELF: Then we go.

The ship's second hurries off as Helf goes to the wheel and kicks the ship's engine into high gear. The boat cuts through the night when suddenly, in the distance---

--- we hear the sound of GUNSHOTS. He looks off to the shore. It takes him a moment, then a SOUND that no one could ever forget: ten thousand terrified people SCREAMING all at once.

HELF: ... merciful god...


Hundreds, then thousands of zombies crest the hill, swarming down onto the stranded refugees. What was chaos before turns to blind, mass panic. Armed men fire, but the undead tide keeps coming.

People dive into the sea, swamp sideboats, struggle and fight to get into the water.

A big boat cabled to a smaller one that has been beached to allow passengers begins pulling as more and more people jump onto the boat. It swerves, tilts, and BREAKS, spilling people into the sea.

--- as the zombies plunge in as well, others tear apart those on the shore. the sea foams with people swimming toward the boats, which are themselves trying to escape, only to be caught in the maze of other boats crowding the port.

Helf is torn by what he sees, the horror, the desperate screams of men and women thrown overboard amid the waves and the death prowling below, snatching up at them and pulling them down.

The script itself is a very engrossing read and is extremely easy to visualize due to the amazing talent of writer J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Ninja Assassin). When you go to script writing school, one of the first things they tell you is to leave out all the extraneous description of camera work, style, or lighting, because that's up to the director or the cinematographer to decide and not you. Straczynski though, is smart enough to know that his screenplay needs to be represent how the complete film could look so its full of all kinds of descriptions of styles (handheld camera, news footage, elapsed time sequences, etc) that allow you to visualize pretty much exactly how it's gonna look.

The only problem I had with the script was how heavy-handed some of the dialog got at times. Sometimes it's just a little too obvious that characters are vessels for the writers to spew their ideology. I pretty much agree with everything the screenplay is against, but speech after speech of the same sentiment starts to make the thing read more like a Michael Moore documentary after about 80 pages, and I worry it could kick viewers out of the film if it isn't toned down. The scene below is just one of many such speeches.


We're in Breck's home office. lots of expensive pens, watches, clocks, and other high-end rich-guy toys.

BRECK: Fear is the most valuable commodity in the universe Gerry. Turn on the TV, and what do you see when the commercials roll around?

GERRY: People selling products...?

BRECK: People selling fear of you having to live without their products. Fear of aging, fear of loneliness, fear of poverty, fear of failure, ... fear of incontinence, spotting, smelling, falling...the fear that you're not as good looking as you want, fear that you can't get it up anymore and fear of what happens when you do and you catch something. Fear is the most basic emotion we have. Back when we still lived in trees, fear is what kept our ancestors alive. Fear is primal. Fear sells... fear sells.

As you can see, World War Z is like a George Romero wet dream. In fact, The zombie metaphor is used to cover so many topics that it makes Dawn of the Dead look like a one-act. Pretty much every face-to-face Gerry has with someone ends in a big speech about either the inherant corruption of governments, the greed and recklessness of pharmaceutical companies, or the failure of the world's social systems. In that sense the film is primed to be one of the most political and eye opening horror movies ever.

But enough about all that; let's talk about the most important aspect... zombies! From what I can tell, the zombies in World War Z are not only of the fast variety, but they're tough and extremely scary. There are scenes where zombies punch out car windows and drag people out into the streets to feed on them. They're turned by a virus but, unlike 28 Days Later, the virus kills them and then they are somehow revived in a primal state. They feel no pain, or fear and are only killable through the ever important head shot. Hmmmm, what else...They can breath underwater, and are often used in terrorist attacks (I'm not kidding).

And did I mention the movie is huge? There are massive set pieces that are of the same scale as ones you'd find in an Roland Emmerich disaster movie but instead of tital waves imagine waves of zombies engulfing the streets of NY.


The freeway is a virtual parking lot. Cars extend into the distance as far as the eye can see. Horns honk to no purpose. Some people have gotten out of their cars to sit on hoods or stand around and talk as, inside one of those cars in the far right lane--

--we find Gerry with his wife Karin and their daughters: two-year old CONSTANCE and eight-year-old RACHEL. The car is loaded up with supplies. Canstance is crying and Rachel is scared, partly by what she sees, and party because Gerry is agitated, nervous...scared

KAREN: I knew we should've gone another way.

GERRY: This has to open up sooner or later.


KARIN: It's all right honey, everything's okay. We're just going on a road trip. Constance, sweetie, there's nothing to be afraid of. You're safe in here. Mommy and daddy are right here.

GERRY: It's like a fucking parking lot.

He leans on the horn. It does nothing but amp up Constance's crying.

GERRY: Come on, what the hell's the problem?

Then, gradually, we become aware that more and more cars are honking, not annoyed, urgently...and now, the sound of the people screaming. Karin looks around, doesn't see anything.

KARIN: Do you hear--

Gerry looks in the side view mirror and sees --

-- FAR BEHIND THEM to where hundreds of zombies pour onto the highway, swarming the cars, SMASHING windows and DIVING in to attack drivers and passengers. People are desperate to get out, but cars are jammed bumper to bumper.

Some run for it but most of the cars are too close together for them to open the doors, trapping them inside. Car after car is attacked, some as they fight to escape, horns blaring for help, people screaming, a veritable buffet as the zombies move down the line of cars towards---

--Gerry's car, and now others have seen what's coming up behind them.

KARIN: Oh my god --

If we're lucky, World War Z will find a directer that's willing to go full speed ahead with the thoughtful, adult nature of the movie but still be able to maintain the horror. It would be a real shame if the budget got cut and World WAR Z was turned into some cheapo zombie shock show, because this is really a sober and adult movie that will get a lot of people talking if its done right. Bring on 2010!

Once again, big shout out to our secret pal for sending us the script. You rock!

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BarbarPappa (13 years ago) Reply

"From what I can tell, the zombies in World War Z are not only of the fast variety, but they're tough and extremely scary."

Aw man, in the book they're the classic slow variety.. I'm tired of all these fast zombies. One of the best things about the book is how it shows how slow zombies can actually take over the world.


kevin (13 years ago) Reply

Download, uh.. i mean buy the audiobook.

Its really well done, it won some awards and Henry Rollins does one of the voices.

What i'm expecting from this is that they pull out 3 or 4 stories and characters from the book and use them. I dont think its doable otherwise unless you made a sort of fake documentary style movie combining interviews and news style footage.


agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Actually Kevin, while it isn't made as a "fake documentary" it does incorporate all of the styles you listed, and more. We are told of the War through news footage, interviews, flashbacks, and memories. The whole thing is extremely well thought out that way.

In terms of BarbarPappa's concerns about the zombies being "fast," all i can say is it's not something that is explicitly spelled out in the screenplay. I made that inference based on how the scenes read. Perhaps I was swayed by words like "swarming" and "pouring" but the scenes seems to play out quickly.


bad dog (13 years ago) Reply

"Sometimes it's just a little too obvious that characters are vessels for the writers to spew their ideology ... a Michael Moore documentary." I love this site and visit it almost every day to get my PA fix but sometimes it seems the site is too obviously a vessel for its producers to defend their own ideological sensitivities. It's like the producers of this site think Michael Moore is the scariest thing they can think of, which in today's America is just too funny. I mean, how exactly do you see insidious left-wing ideology in some guy saying "Fear sells"?


agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

I think Michael Moore is great. That's not what I was saying.


suicide_blond (13 years ago) Reply

the whole time i was reading the book i kept thinking..."how are they ever gonna shoot this??" but then i thought kinda classic docu style with some crazy international flashbacks.. soo... glad to see them gong that
thanks for the update..


drpencil (13 years ago) Reply

I think for the flashbacks, they should do at least one per chapter.

They should do a Todd Waino one. Those are the best.


Kevin (13 years ago) Reply

@bad dog.

They do lay it on a bit think in the book, which is fine with me because I tend to agree with the anti-consumerism message, but its about as subtle as a sledge hammer.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I think this would work better as an HBO or Showtime 12 part series. Plague of the Dead would work better as a movie. I would love to see the downed pilot as a full episode or the story about the Japanese guy having to scale from patio to patio to get out of his building. Even throw in some of the short stories that are in Zombie Survival Guide. Just a thought.


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

Wow... this sounds awesome!


rambophil (13 years ago) Reply

watched"children of men"last night thinking how scary it would be with zombies.


Mike (13 years ago) Reply

The zombies in the book are slow, stupid, merciless, and unstoppable. That's half of what made them so scary: your doom slowly headed your way where you can do jack-all about it. I think I'll cry if they make them runners. I really think I will.


jahsoldier (13 years ago) Reply

"the thoughtful, adult nature of the movie but still be able to maintain the horror."

Think you hit the proverbial nail on the head there. Would be a real shame if they dumbed it down for the "masses" because this has the potential to be a pinnacle in zombie cinema (and not another Diary of the Dead disappointment).

Also, the audio books floating around seem to be abridged even when they claim to be unabridged. I found the unabridged version missing some interviews completely.


Mitch (13 years ago) Reply

I have been waiting for this movie since I first read the Zombie Survival Guide and later read World War Z. Hopefully everything works out and runs smoothly, this is looking to be a difficult and complex film to make, but with the right people, which it seems they should have, and if it does pan out, this movie is going to be AMAZING and an instant classic. I cannot wait for this film.


Massimo (13 years ago) Reply

Michael Moore is a fucking comunist and a fucking asshole! W USA!!


TroyDave (13 years ago) Reply

Another shout out for the Audio book. Rollins is great but good 'ol Mark Hammil is better as a soldier. His read of the battle of Yonkers was believable, scary, dramatic and even funny.


Freeloader (13 years ago) Reply

Wouldn't fast zombies ruin several of the stories? Like most of the military battles, Yonkers etc?


ajestice (13 years ago) Reply

I agree with Mike. I'll be heartbroken if they turn the zombies into even slightly sentient beings. Their lack of brain function, and the explanation behind it, is what makes Brooks' zombies uniquely terrifying.


Louise, ireland (13 years ago) Reply

the zombies are not supposed to be fast. Its very clear they are slow but in mass. If they were fast like in the more recent "dawn of the dead." It would be stupid.plain as. I love the book and i hope the movie version will do it some justice


Anthony (13 years ago) Reply

They dont have to be `one step a minute slow`-if they were walking at a hurried pace, but not sprinting, i think that would work-aside from anything, judging by the scope of the movie, they need to be a little bit fast or the movie will go on for a week


thehatecrusader (13 years ago) Reply

If they make these zombies fast I wont go... this is one of the most socially poignant novels in this new century... if they fuck it up and change something like that this movie will fail like the Star Wars prequels I will be boycotting this movie


inigo montoya (13 years ago) Reply

I am so sick of purists moaning about fast zombies. Each have their merits and horror. Its really one of the stupidest things you could choose to get upset about.

Personaly, I prefer the fast zombie.

As for WWZ, he describes them as 'slouching', and I always pictured that as not fast, but not staggeringly slow either, sort of like an exaggerated limp.


aidan windraker (13 years ago) Reply

I prefer them slow myself, and that is one of the things I liked about Brooks. He explains why they are slow, it has too do with the breaking down of the motor control functions as the virus begins to mutate the brain, and he makes the slow zombies so scary.

Now, while I did not like all the messages he pushed, the book was so well done I didn't care.

I just hope whoever makes it a movie keeps them relatively slow, after all the Battles of Hope, New Mexico and Yonkers, New York would be utterly ruined (not too mention the scenes of the zombies slouching their way up lines of cars all stalled as the Great Panic sets in).


ZOMBIE EXPERT (13 years ago) Reply

FAST ZOMBIES ARE SACRALIGE!!! They ruin the whole genre they ruined Dawn of The Dead and will ruin WWZ if the zombies are fast. Running zombies is what I'm against. slightly rapid walking zombies I'm okay with. I also hate frankenstein zombies, actors that play zombies that way should be shot!!!


robby walsh (13 years ago) Reply

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THE ZOMBIES SLOW!!! Thats the horror of the entire idea of it. Its not the QUALITY of the KILLER, its the QUANTITY of them and their relentlessness. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T RUIN THE FILM!!!


oxxxid (13 years ago) Reply

Man, they should stick with the slow variety.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

PLEASE GOD make the zombies SLOW! The scene of the wailing undead pouring out of the now derelict bank offices in central LA in the beginning of Dawn of the Dead proves to all of us that the slow, determined approach of the living dead affects you on so many more levels than the fast, boring kind ever could. You should be able to feel that your speed doesn't help you that much, since no matter how far and fast your run they won't ever stop, even with their comparably slow rate. They ARE coming for YOU.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I found this site today because I am reading World War Z and came up with a script idea and was all excited. Then discovered that someone had had the exact same idea and even appears to be writing it using the interview format. Time for me to start reading books when they first come out!


Stacey (13 years ago) Reply

I've been waiting, watching and following the progress of the production of this movie for over a year now. My opinion of fast moving zombies is: as long as this movie can strike absolute desolate fear into the viewers with leaving as much respect for the novel as possible, I will be satisfied. Also, (and I'm sure someone will end up correcting me) did we even know the name of the interviewer? Or his whereabouts during the zombie invasion? p.s.---I'd rather not have running zombies BUT I would NEVER boycott this movie even if it was butchered!


Dead (13 years ago) Reply

How can I get a copy of the script? It's gotta be out there if so many people have read it. Anyone know?


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

The only way to do this book right is to do it as a 10-12 part series on one of the major cable networks, like a previous post states. It may not immidiately produce the cash flow that a "Blockbuster" movie would, but cable networks have been putting out some quality shows with great visuals lately, and money could be made in DVD sets after the series airs. the point is, this is a great story, and trying to squeeze it into three hours would only neuter it, at best. A trilogy would be great, but you could never sale a zombie trilogy to the big wigs.


previous commenter (13 years ago) Reply

Oh...and slow zombies in mass is a must for this project.


Spice (13 years ago) Reply

I just wanna see the mega swarm from orbit like the one the astronauts saw marching over the mid-west USA. If they can do that without it becomming some form of gimmick to regret, i would be a very happy man. on the slow vs fast zombie topic. i would like them slow. but i can see them being faster in the beginning than at the end because the bodies are decaying more and they should become slower so a brisk walk in the beginning to a slow trudge later.


Gregory of Yardale (13 years ago) Reply

<blockquote>It feels much more like JFK or Lions for Lambs than Dawn of the Dead. </blockquote>
<blockquote>Pretty much every face-to-face Gerry has with someone ends in a big speech about either the inherant corruption of governments, the greed and recklessness of pharmaceutical companies, or the failure of the world's social systems. In that sense the film is primed to be one of the most political and eye opening horror movies ever.</blockquote>

Can't we have anything without politics. :-(


bd (13 years ago) Reply

I find it strange (but exciting) that the script seems to take such an "anti-consumerist" stance, which I'm guessing translates into a more leftist take on politricks, etc., since I found the book to be fairly conservative in tone. While I loved the book, I definitely felt that it took a rather Holier than Thou look at Israel, while assuming that when the sh!t hits the fan Palestinians would still only care about destroying Israel. Is Max Brooks insane or just ignorant. Ugh. Not to mention the narrative, while posing as a world view on the crisis is really just a set-up for a pro-American message. Good ole boys doin' right. Taking it into their own hands, etc... As a zombie story it's top notch. really high quality, but it charts out the same old conservative BS IMHO.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Good old boys? What are you talking about? Gun owners shooting zombies? That's logically what would happen. You sound pretty politically ignorant yourself. Don't let ideology stifle your logic.

I'm going to see if I can find a Plan B Entertainment forum so I can let them know how much I hate fast zombies. Everyone here should do the same.


Jeff (13 years ago) Reply

How did I miss this one. Can't wait..slow they should be and never let school interfere with your education.


DEATHSTORM (13 years ago) Reply

I think if they did it something like band of brothers it would be perfect, basically a 12 hour movie with no corners cut on budget or acting.


cincity (13 years ago) Reply

Slow vs. Fast..well, why not both? I think for me, the infection should determine the speed of the infected. I.e. if some strange radiation raises the dead, ex. Romero Night of, then slow. But that's horror fantasy, so anything goes. Closer to reality, Pandemic..If infection is viral and simply changes the living (they never actually die) then fast but getting increasingly slower as body gets weaker from illness, malnutrition. If virus reanimates, same thing, but with slow down for decay of organs, etc. I'm definitely a person who looks at the real possibility of it happening and wants to see these tales as true to science and reality as possible! I like to suspend disbelief only in really, obviously, only could be fiction tales; otherwise, I like to see as real to it as possible intepretations. But what I HATEHATEHATE is zombies ADAPTING or becoming smarter via some other worldly being that is inhabiting the corpse. Ughh, I really hate that (so ya, I didn't like the Rising book that much). I guess I wouldn't mind seeing a slight evolution..maybe some basic return of a little intelligence or memory, but that's about it.


HOPEFUL (12 years ago) Reply

I just got done reading World War Z and the Survival guide, and two things stick out in my mind.

NUMBER ONE - YOU MUST MAKE THE ZOMBIE MINDLESS, SLOW MOVING CREATURES. Max Brooks clearly describes why they are mindless and have no capacity for thought, memory, or intelligence. This would completely discredit the genuine horror of the books ability to describe creatures who have only one goal, who are programmed for only one thing. They also MUST BE SLOW. Fast moving zombies have been done in Dawn of the Dead and in a similar way in the 28 days/weeks movies. The Yonkers battle, the stranded helicopter pilot, the Japanese internet geek, and the blind gardener all were possible because of the way the zombies moved. THEYRE ZOMBIES!! They are slow, methodical, mindless killing machines. Please please please do not try to glorify or Hollywood-ize these nightmarish creatures. Their guttural moans are the stuff of nightmares, their incessant and determined pursuit of prey, no matter how far away. The terror lies in the fact that destroying the brain is the only way to stop them. The descriptions from the soldier in Denver on how hard it is to hit a direct head shot on a zombie while your hand is trembling is spine-tingling and realistic, while in Dawn of the Dead they are scoring head shots while being run at full speed. Fast zombies simply take the anticipation and tension out of the idea of a zombie invasion and just make it a simple-minded monster movie.

SECOND - A TRILOGY OR A HBO OR CINEMAX SERIES! The book is amazing, and can spawn so many stories and plot-lines from it. You can do a whole movie from the soldier's perspective! All the different aspects of the book, even from the survival guide, would make for a fascinating 12 part series. However it is done I hope it is long enough because: I am a zombie geek, and there is so much to cover.

I really hope they get this one right. The fast moving zombies of Dawn of the Dead and 28 days/weeks took the tension out of it, and the god awful aspect of zombies that can learn made Land of the Dead the worst film I have ever seen. Who wants to see some zombie crying because his "friends" are being killed? I dont want to see zombies learn how to do anything, let alone learn how to fire guns! HORRIBLE.

Please do it right, for the sake of all zombie nuts out there.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

To address peoples problems of fast zombies, i agree wholeheartedly with keeping masses of zombies at around 2 mph. However nobody has yet said anything about the existence of feral humans. In wwz it is said by a army vet that they fought tons of these in the north. They are extremely fast, scream bloody murder, bite, and have some serious surprise scare potential.


Script (12 years ago) Reply

Can someone please email me the script I've been looking for it tirelessly and have had no luck so far. If you can't email can you at least tell me where I can find it?


PaddyThaZombieFan (12 years ago) Reply

didn't read all of above posts yet, but in the book the zombies were slow and if the excerpts from the script are all word for word the same as those in the book (as was the case with the ones i read in this article) then rest assured zombie fans that these zombies are of the slow, shuffling, variety, but also are fairly strong.


Jesus (12 years ago) Reply

To the guy who wants the script: It has indeed been leaked, and I possess the first and second drafts, if you want them. email me at or ask alex johnson (the man who leaked it to me; My comp is terrible and the files are 25 MBs so I can't promise success, but I will try.

And to everyone else: The script says that the zombies are ferocious and aggressive, but it doesn't make a real distinction as to how fast they travel. It does, however, contain a piece where they lie down and rest when there is no quarry in their radius of sense, which I find to be blasphemy. Other than that, the script isn't exactly true to the book, but it's not bad, it's not bad at all. It will still kick ass and be defining and whatnot. Probably get Best Picture if they could find someone who's not an idiot to direct it.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

The zombies cant run and they are as strong as the infected human. Just the shear numbers are what kills people.


ZombieScholar (12 years ago) Reply

Maybe he saw the words 'diving' and 'smashing' or other words like lunge and thought these implied running?
God, I will cut my wrists every night for a year if they make them fast.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Hm. I don't see anything that would indicate the zombies being of the speedy variant, except maybe the word "diving", which is rather worrying.

If those fuckers ruin this amazing source material I will drown them in a swamp so help me God.


a random fan (12 years ago) Reply

about the fast zombies,uck if they were fast like in 28 weeks later, but in the zombie survival guide, athey have the EXACT same strength as a human, but there stupid, and decaying, so unless they're limping, it makes sense that they should run. HOWEVER, if they try to pull some i am legednd sh*t, i'm gonna be pissed


reply to anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Zombies can technically be stronger because they dont get tired. whereas humans would quit when theyre muscles burned, zombies just go until the muscular system degrades.

oh and zombies walk. feral humans could run sure, but zombies aren't zombies without the zombie limp!


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I have to put my two cents in for this whole fast vs slow thing.Ok first off the whole limp thing is to old.......and not the good old fastion zombie movies but one of the.......lets say shaun of the dead charecters pretending to be zombies walking with a gaping mouth and a "comical" arm stretch. So i have to go with the slow kind for this movie because of the scrip, it just sounds better and brings the raw terror back to the now "comical" zombie ajenda. well thanks for reading


fastZOMBIESsuck (11 years ago) Reply

Fast zombie's ruin the movie. Being able to punch out a window and drag people out of cars is EXACTLY like the book.

Running zombies ruins it for me. I'll hate you forever Brad Pitt, if you make this change. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


george (11 years ago) Reply

I just read the newest draft for the WWZ movie. JMS is out and a new writer has been brought in. Brad Pitt to star in this film is a rumor and there's no truth to it.

This draft is completely different than the first and completely different from the book. That said - it's an amazing piece of writing and I look forward to the movie.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I read the 2007 draft and I have to say it was HORRIBLE!! It was almost the exact opposite of what the book was.

Why was the battle of Franklin Square (read Yonkers) a big mystery that he needed to uncover? In the book it was a huge propaganda fight to show America that the government was in control. That's why there was so much news coverage there. Even in that script it said there was a ton of media coverage, but then suddenly its a mystery and no one knows what happened? That fight is one of the events that fueled the great panic!

And fast zombies?! Really?? did they even read the book? I don't mind fast zombies, in fact, I really liked the Dawn of the Dead remake. Slow zombies are a crucial part of what World War Z is all about.

Anyways...I hope there is really a new writer and a new version or I've lost all interest in it.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

The dead shouldn't be moving fast. Being Zombies doesn't make them immune to decay! The whole idea about slow rambling ones is that they sneak up and swarm all over before you know it.

Now they are changing the battle of Yonkers? Doesn't Max have any say in these changes?

I agree, I'm slowly losing interest!


Stacey (10 years ago) Reply

I've heard this script had to be revised...and so far all I know is that Brad Pitt and Milo Venitmiglia (Heroes) will be cast in it. I don't get why everything is so mum.


M. Steel (10 years ago) Reply

Can someone email the script to me please?


Olim (10 years ago) Reply

the battle is in the movie, don't worry. Just change the location: it is set in Philadephia


salvatore (10 years ago) Reply

"I find it strange (but exciting) that the script seems to take such an "anti-consumerist" stance, which I'm guessing translates into a more leftist take on politricks, etc., since I found the book to be fairly conservative in tone."

I really don't see what people find conservative about the book's ideology. I agree about the pro-Israel part of the book being biased, but other than that the US stuff is based on the Bush administration's inept response to Hurricane Katrina and the spread of the zombie virus itself represents AIDS (and how Reagan ignored the problem for most of his presidency). And if you ever hear Max Brooks give a talk you can tell he's definitely not a conservative ;)

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