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quietearth [Celluloid 08.05.08] movie news scifi

Some coin was just handed out from the German FFA film fund which gives us a chance to see which projects are making headway toward actually getting made. The first is Christian Alvart's Pandorum which has been talked about for a while. "The story is about two crewmen who awaken aboard their spacecraft unaware of their mission or identities." Alvart just finished up with Case 39 which stars Renee Zelwegger, and while that right there is enough to turn most people of I have high hopes. Pandorum is set to shoot in Berlin with no slated dates yes. Second is Womb which we covered back in April. This will be Benedek Fliegauf's first English language film and it's about "a woman trying to overcome death because of her lost love." It reportedly has something to do with modern medicine so I think it's probably genetics related. Unfortunately that's all we have for now, but we'll keep you updated.

via Variety

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