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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.31.08] post apocalyptic movie trailer apocalyptic news

Since PA is our stock and trade, we've been following news of Damon O'Steen and Gary Week's Deadlands for what seems like a really long time. When we updated you on the flick back in February, the Deadlanders were busy with post work, attempting to cut down an epic print which was running long at a whopping 2hrs and 35mins(!). Well, we now know know that the film has been chopped to a tight 1hr and 45 mins, it's had more than 5 successful test screenings, and a new longer trailer has dropped. Could Deadlands be complete and ready to hit the festival circuit? Anyway, for those of you who don't know about the Deadlands story, jump through the break to read the synopsis and view the trailer. It's looking awesome!

World War III’s nuclear strikes on the U.S. have set the nation back 200 years; Money holds no worth, food is impossible to find, and hope is all but lost when every survivor of the war is infected by a fatal nuclear plague. “DEADLAND is an apocalyptic tale of an ordinary man, SEAN KALOS, driven on only one purpose: to find his missing wife in the new United Provinces. What was designed to be the new rebirth has become martial-law, and the Officers of the Province wield their power with cruelty. When Sean crosses them, he finds himself in the middle of a personal war, and his search for his wife dominoes into what could be the revolution the survivors have been waiting for.

Larger HD trailer at the Deadlands Website

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Michael (13 years ago) Reply

Why are actors so bland-looking these days. What happened to great larger than life actors like we had just 20 years ago?


G-G-Granville (13 years ago) Reply

Even though I'm sure this will be a fine movie, I prefer post nuke films to be set in wastelands with shoulder pads and muscle cars.


edward (13 years ago) Reply

I do believe that i want to see this. been watching jermiah and in the mood for after the fall flicks.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

What no Zombies!!!!!!!

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