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quietearth [Celluloid 07.28.08] zombies movie news horror comedy

Sloppy joe, slop sloppy joe.. c'mon. Ooh zombie comedy and a die-ner (get it?), it's indie, it's existential, and it's got a serial killer. I'm in, but then again we're huge zombie fans around here so we'll pretty much watch anything with the walking dead in it (well except if it's made by Uwe Boll). "A horror-comedy of errors, Die-ner (get it?) explores the existential dilemma of a sociopath killer who runs into the unique problem of his victims rising from the dead. It’s business as usual for Ken, our hero and killer carte blanche, as he comes upon a diner in the middle of nowhere. After promptly dispatching the waitress and cook, Ken marks another notch on his belt as he prepares to continue on his wayward journey. As luck would have it, a young married couple arrives, Rob and Kathy; who are in the middle of a long trip on the road as well as a relationship on the rocks. The three are then greeted by the only regular who frequents the defunct diner, local sheriff Duke Burdett. It would seem as though Ken has his job cut out for him (the pun is intended), playing a rousing game of cat and mouse with the sheriff as his suspicions become aroused. Just when the game is tuning up, all hell promptly breaks loose as the cook and waitress begin walking around…again. Tickled pink with curiosity, Ken holds the couple and, now wounded, sheriff captive as he tries to figure out what to do with these newest ex-patriots of life." Two stills and link to the official website with trailer after the break!

Die-ner official website

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