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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.17.08] movie news horror

Spoiler Warning: for those who have yet to see The Descent proceed with caution.
Empire was reporting some interesting cast and plot details from the upcoming non Neil Marshall helmed sequel to The Descent this morning but, now that this first still from the movie has surface, I figured it was worthy of some attention. Like most horror nuts I loved The Descent and I was really hoping that this sequel wouldn't shame the original by making dumb story decisions like this one, and I quote; "all the girls from the first movie are reprising their roles. Yes, we do pick up from the American ending [where Sarah survives]. So Sarah is very much back and we see her going back and her journey again. I have to say, I think it looks awesome. Read my major rant after the break.

Say What?!! Wait, here's the whole synopsis: "Picking up from where the last movie left off, Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) escapes the cave and seeks refuge at a local gas station, where she collapses and is rushed to a local hospital. Not being able to speak because of the horrific events that have mentally scarred her, a search and rescue team take Sarah back to where the horrible events happened to find any possible answers and survivors. However, whilst down in the cave...things don't go to plan as the group fight for their lives against the crawlers and find an unexpected survivor from the last film."

So writer James Watkins decided to completely disregard Marshall's original directorial cut in favor of the American "happy ending" version? That is incredibly lame. Those of you who've seen The Descent, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Image from BD

Plot details from Empire

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barnesm (14 years ago) Reply

There is a special pit in hell reserved for people that write endings for the American market. I can only hope there is a nasty circle for those that make sequels from them.

The version I saw had her suffering a complete mental breakdown revealing the whole escape to be the product of a delusion mind at the bottom of a dark, ever darkening hole.....Great ending I thought.



SeeminglySquare (14 years ago) Reply

American here *waves* and I never saw the 'American ending'. So I went and read about it and that sounds stupid.

I kind of had the feeling that Sarah had become one of the crawlers. A um... Descent in to Madness....

I'm disappointed they went this route.


Cyberhal (14 years ago) Reply

Happy Smappy


merk (8 years ago) Reply

Without the american version the sequel would have to start from the beginning with a new set of doom characters to go through the same ordeal that happened in the first movie at least by using the american version's end they can move the storyline further with new variables into play. For example at least the search party will be armed and have knowledge of the beings and will probably have more action than the last movie.

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