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Hal MacDermot [Celluloid 05.15.08] movie news scifi fantasy

Good news from Oz. The guys who made the gritty looking sci-fi horror The Dark Lurking are now in pre-production on a new movie called Chosen. From what I understand, it's a sci-fi fantasy flick with an ancient evil and a prophecy. You want more, right? We've got it. Filmwerx77, the Oz company in the driving seat have supplied us with a full synopis, and artwork and a poster, which were created literally only a few days ago! In the drawings, Kaylen is the evil entity, Natasha is hot, and I'm not sure who the others are. But I like the ghouls. Thanks guys, you rock! Right now, Chosen is still in pre-production and looking for finance, but given how great the Dark Lurking looks (kind of Alien style), I'm pretty sure it'll go forward. Who knows, maybe over a bottle of wine in Cannes? Filmwerx77 is as we speak, or blog, over in Cannes premiering the Dark Lurking (for a lucky few). Check after the break for synopsis and artwork!

"Anterion was a land bathed in beauty, and of heartache. Over 100,000 years ago there was an evil so devastating that time itself could not consume it. Its name was Kaylen. For the eternity that Kaylen wreaked havoc on Anterion, his obsession turned out to be his undoing. The emotion that he felt for Natasha was so strong that when he became aware of her betrothal to another, he lost his mind. The ensuing devastation caused on Anterion prompted the Elders into unsurpassable action. To fashion 'Kylar'. A portal directly to hell.

During the creation of "Kylar" the power that was conjured, along with the unstable power that Kaylen possessed ruptured the very fabric of space and time, and the portal no longer hurtled towards hell, instead it landed here, on earth.

The prison that held the monster of Anterion has been impenetrable for over 50,000 years, locked away deep in the caverns. But the prison that holds Kaylen was damaged during its journey, and evil has once again been able to touch reality.

A family, descendants of the elders on Anterion living in harmony with nature and the earth, felt the disruption in the source of magic. They knew that if he was to set foot on earth, it too would suffer the same fete as Anterion. The first of 'The Chosen', the family created a prophecy, enlisting the help of the ancients who first tried to extinguish the existence of Kaylen.

A key fashioned in the image of those who banished Kaylen left to be discovered in a time in the future when The Clavis would be needed. That time is now.

Best friends Joshua and Maddy, descendants of the ancient family and an integral part of the chosen, go about their daily lives unaware of the fete that is about to be thrust upon them. Their lives although thwart with adventure today, tomorrow will see them thrown into a world of unimaginable sorcery and peril.

It is when the earth rumbles in a moan of sadness that these two friends are catapulted into the centre of a prophecy that will see them both pushed to within an inch of their lives. The reality they know has shifted, as they are thrust head first into a realm of sorcery and devastation.

Together, they must call on the power of old to seek out and destroy the ancient evil that has again been allowed to touch the earth. In 3 days Kaylen will break free from his prison. Joshua and Maddy must work day and night to decipher the prophecy that will lead to his destruction, but can a misinterpretation of the ancient text lead to their destruction?"

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Hot Fuzz (14 years ago) Reply

I like these guys. I haven't seen Dark Lurking yet obviously but it seems like they've got big aspirations and the chops to pull them off.

Plus, Natasha is hot. Keep us updated will ya.

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