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quietearth [DVD News 04.15.08] zombies movie news short dvd horror

The Romero contest on myspace which has been running for a while now finally has it's winners. We've featured a few of these films, but only one of the ones we showed made it into the top 5, and that was & Teller. All of these will be on the May 20th DVD release of Diary of the Dead, and yes, Romero handpicked the winners himself. The top pick is The Final Day, followed by Deader Living Through Chemistry, Opening Night of the Living Dead, & Teller and Run For Your Life. Check out the link after the break for the footage!

Check out the 5 shorts here

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projectcyclops (14 years ago) Reply

Ooh, can't wait for this to come out!


Paul Del Vecchio (14 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the support! If you want to cover the win further or if you'd like to do an interview, we would be more than happy! Contact me through

-Paul Del Vecchio - Director ("The Final Day")


Paul Del Vecchio (14 years ago) Reply

Thanks for posting this and thanks for the support! If you guys are interested in an interview or more information on our entry, we’d be more than happy to participate. If not, thanks so much for the support!

Paul Del Vecchio - Director - “THE FINAL DAY” - Diary of the Dead DVD contest Grand Prize Winner

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