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quietearth [Celluloid 04.06.08] movie news scifi

This is about 3 days old as I didn't want to spend the time to put this up in the first place, but it can't be passed up. Warner Bros picked up the rights to the first two Hyperion novels by Dan Simmons which will be written into one movie by Trevor Sands. Now for those who've read these series, I don't see how it is remotely possible to fit even one of these books into a film, but the subject matter, specifically the Artificial Intelligence, is really enjoyable so let's hope they at least get some of it right. The books deal with "a space war, with most of the action taking place on a planet named Hyperion, known not only for its electricity-spewing trees but also for the Time Tombs, large artifacts that can move through time. The tombs are guarded by a monster called the Shrike, which impales people on metal trees." That's from the Hollywood Reporter and really inaccurate, so just throw in a girl aging backwards in time, AI, a battle against the shrike across millenia, a galaxy full of planets with instant portal-ways between worlds.. Yeah, it's good.

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