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quietearth [Celluloid 03.17.08] movie news horror

Thanks to our friend James L. Frachon (who also got me some Frontier(s) posters signed by Xavier Gens [pictured to the right in the foreground], thanks dude!), producer Eric Porcher, and Alterego films we got a pic and some info on the film Lady Blood which will be hitting theaters this summer. The first film, "Baby Blood", was about a beautiful circus performer who is raped by an alien creature one night and becomes pregnant with a fetus that talks to her, actively urging her to kill men and drink their blood. Hence, the tagline of the movie: "It's time to feed the baby." Reportedly, the dubbed American version shaved off like 30 minutes of the runtime, so I'm betting it was pretty gory. For the new tagline we have "It's back and wants to reproduce itself". More storyline and pic after the break! [UPDATE: We got a second exclusive picture, it's gory baby!]

"Several years after a terrifying and traumatic experience, Yanka has to face her old demons again. She has become a mom, a wife and a police inspector. Meanwhile some mobsters have arrived in town, many ravaged bodies are found. Is there a link ? But the serial killer seems to be a cannibal and the bodies have evil marks. Yanka has a strange feeling… Definitely, something has come back, something is approaching, something is looking for her… This time she is not alone, but will her family or her police team be able to save her?" Well based on the destruction in the below pic, I'm guesing not.. coming soon!

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