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quietearth [Celluloid 03.13.08] post apocalyptic movie news

While BD seems to have mixed up the synopsis on this one, our wonder-boy agentorange discovered this was NOT the same film but instead had the same title, and to boot, it's post apocalyptic! This will be having it's world premier at the upcoming Tribeca film festival. The story revolves around a group of people who hole up in a manor hosue after some major catastrophe has decimated the worlds population. Yes, I know it sounds formulaic, but the storyline moves on from there and seems to involve more of the interpersonal dramatic, that is at least by the synopsis which is after the break along with the trailer.

"Following the catastrophic atmospheric explosion that rocks through their small town leaving everyone within sight dead and decaying, six disparate strangers take refuge from the searing fallout in an old manor house where they contemplate and fear whether they have become the sole survivors of the world's final apocalypse. With time, terror subsides, love blossoms, rivalries deepen, leaderships evolve and life within the shambling manor house takes on a strange sheltered comfort and stilted sense of control. The unnatural routine continues until Alex, the group's youngest member, refusing to give up hope that his suffocating wretched existence is all he will ever know, resolves to take his chances out in whatever remains of the broken planet. However, the more headstrong among the last possible survivors of humanity, knowing Alex's departure would crumble their ill-begotten minuscule empire and end their closeted subsistence, go to some decidedly inhumane lengths to ensure his rebellious young free spirit remains securely and permanently contained."

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