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quietearth [Celluloid 03.01.08] movie news thriller

It will come as no surprise to our regular readers that we're big fans of Twitch around here, particularly in light of all the the link love they've been showing us lately... thanks guys! So while checking them out yesterday I found yet another genre film out of Spain (see lets add this to [Rec], The Orphanage, Shiver, Timecrimes, Linko Killer, La Hora Fria...) that looks incredible which is director Albert Arizza's first feature and an indie production. It's about a drug dealer who moonlights as a serial killer, and both the pictures available off the myspace page and the storyline make it sound like a winner. Check out the lengthy synopsis following!

"Ramirez is an attractive, well-mannered young man, from a good family. He owns a modern apartment in an affluent part of the city centre. Although he outwardly presents himself as an artistic photographer, he maintains his high standard of living through his main source of income, which is the lucrative business of dealing and cutting drugs.

Ramirez is a loner and withdrawn. His regular social contacts are very limited: a young Chinese girl, with whom he practices Chinese, a language towards which he is drawn; an older man who is a drug trafficker and forger, for whom he acts as a middle-man and drug runner; and another young man who acts as a 'guinea pig' for the drugs he cuts. Apart from these, his relationship with Maria, a young girl who takes care of his sick mother, deserves a special mention.

His daily life is an example of someone whose future is without any specific direction or purpose, although he hardly seems to realise this. Ramirez spends the greater part of his time driving around the city in his car, listening to music. Lured by the atmosphere of night life and his pursuit of one-night stands, Ramirez seeks young and not-so-young women to seduce. Ramirez sweet-talks his victims, undresses them and murders them. Afterwards he photographs their inert faces.

Ramirez is a perfectionist, he is calculating, he never leaves clues. He is a cold-blooded killer.

Ramirez is meticulous, always striving to get the best photographic shots and capture the best angles as he photographs the faces of the dead victims.

Undoubtedly, the best face and the best photograph that he could take would be that of Maria, the young girl who works for his family. Maria takes great care of his sick mother, who lives in a mansion in the old part of Segovia. But Maria is more than just a beautiful face. Maria is more than everything. And he yearns to be with her and to share her time, in spite of the social barriers that separate them."

Ramirez myspace page
via Twitch

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