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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 02.26.08] movie news scifi

So it would seems that the crew of Outlander, that long overdue sci-fi film which pits Vikings against a somewhat less than friendly Alien creature,finally emerged from development hell this week to screen the movie's first promo reel at the Berlin Film Festival. And while we didn't get a chance to see it ourselves, we've been able to uncover a couple of official Morween (that's the monster) stills that were released along with The Wild Bunch's promotional media kit. So consider yourself spoiler warned.

In all honesty I've been a tad confused about the lack of fandomonium surrounding Outlander these days. I mean, for a film with such an...a'hem... outlandish concept and a crew page that reads like a who's who of genre films there hasn't really been a lot of speculation or gossip about the project.

Starring no less than Jim Caviezel, Sophia Miles, John Hurt, and Ron Perlman, Outlander also boasts production by Barrie Osborne (The Matrix and LOTR Trilogies), as well as US distribution through heavyweights The Weinstein Company. Not too shabby.

Synopsis: “A humanoid warrior from another galaxy crashlands on earth and finds himself faceto face with his deadly foe - a monstrous alien predator bent of bloody vengeance -in the time of the Vikings. The stage is set for a battle to the death, a battle like none ever seen on this earth. Or any other...”

More to come...

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